Rheumatology EHR

Ready to use. Easy to customize.

Competitive advantage by simplifying the management of care programs and preventive services that promote a healthy workforce

CureMD Rheumatology EHR addresses the specific problems faced in Rheumatology by providing custom templates. Templates attend to the most common symptoms within rheumatology and include complaints, history of present illness and review of systems. The CureMD application is updated with all current ICD and CPT codes for each specialty, allowing users to capture, submit, and track charges electronically.

CureMD EHR provides a system tailored to the Rheumatology specialty using the following features:

  • Rheumatology Custom Lists
  • Lab Order Custom Lists
  • Procedure Order Custom Lists
  • Radiology Order Custom Lists
  • Rheumatology PE
  • Rheumatology ROS
  • Rheumatology Assessment/Plan
  • Rheumatology Letters
  • Drug Interactions
  • Histories
  • Flow Sheets
  • Preventive Medicine

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