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Disease Prediction Model

Augment your clinical expertise with AI-powered chronic disease risk assessments, enabling timely interventions and identifying at-risk patients earlier for improved outcomes. This solution leverages highly accurate, clinically-validated disease prediction models.


Harness the power of a precision-trained Large Language Model (LLM) with CureDoc. Enhance patient communication, streamline documentation, translate complex concepts into patient-friendly explanations, and quickly access reliable medical information to improve decisions.

Patient Disease Trajectory Model

Gain a deeper understanding of potential disease progression with AI-powered trajectory modeling. Make data-driven decisions for proactive patient care, personalizing treatment plans for improved health outcomes.


CureBot, your intelligent, AI-powered EHR assistant, transforms your workflow with automation and smart suggestions, letting you focus on patient care rather than navigating your EHR. Experience proactive information delivery, personalized suggestions, and streamlined routine tasks for unparalleled efficiency.

Chemotherapy Effectiveness Model

Optimize chemotherapy outcomes with CureMD's Chemotherapy Effectiveness Model. This innovative tool leverages deep learning to analyze patient data and predict treatment effectiveness with unparalleled accuracy. Empower yourself with data-backed insights to personalize chemotherapy regimens and create ever-improving treatment plans.


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