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How to Prepare for Reporting Period
It is time to start collecting data for the last reporting period of 2017 for MIPS. If you have not collected at least 90-days of performance data by October 2, 2017, you will get a negative adjustment from Medicare.
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PokémonGO Healthcare
PokémonGO Invades Healthcare
Our social media team got a little creative with their obsession with PokémonGO. Their Pokomics, as they like to call it, are doing the rounds on social media. Thought I’d share them with you. Happy reading!
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Too Small for Ransomware?
Ransomware is a serious threat- and it’s only getting worse. Many practices assume that they are too small to blip on a hacker’s radar and are not prioritizing cyber security like they should
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Diabetes in Numbers:
It is time to start collecting data for the last reporting period of 2017 for MIPS. If you have not collected at least 90-days of performance data by October 2, 2017, you will get a negative adjustment from Medicare.
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Mental Disorders
The Shakespearean World of ICD-10
William Shakespeare’s works are known for their universality. These plays reflect the depravity of society that manifests in the form of human mental disorders including psychopathology.
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EHR Implementation
The successful EHR implementation

Physicians With Fully Functional EHRs Report a Positive Impact in Clinic Decision Making & Communication.

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Election 2016
The 2016 Presidential election is only a few days away, and it will be one of the most divisive political contests in recent history.

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ICD 10 Codes
How to train for icd 10-codes
Lately, I’ve come across a lot of Health IT vendors who are placating their clients by telling them to sit back, relax and let their EHR handle the ICD-10 transition.

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Ransomware Alerts
How to Protect Yourself against Ransomware?
Ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects a computer and restricts users’ access to it until a ransom is paid to unlock it.

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Are Patients Less Loyal
Why are patients less loyal
The ever-shifting healthcare landscape has provided consumers with new care options. With retail clinics, virtual visits and urgent care practices, it has become harder for primary care physicians to elicit patient loyalty.
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Medical Billing Issues
4 Biggest Medical Billing Issues
Are you not getting paid what you deserve? Don’t lose valuable dollars to an inefficient medical billing process. CureMD identifies the top billing concerns for 2017 and how to overcome them.
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Save Physicians Time
How PMS Save Physicians Time
Whether at a private practice or hospital, physicians can easily save time and increase efficiency utilizing a medical practice management software. We explain the benefits of integrating a PM solution.
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curemd fixing denied claims
Fixing Denied Claims
Key causes of Healthcare claim denials
Explore the key causes of healthcare claim rejections and denials, from insurance coverage issues to benefits coordination complexities, and discover practical solutions in this essential guide.
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MACRA for Dummies
MACRA is a historical legislation
MACRA is a historical legislation among other things, will change how physicians are paid. The final rule is out and 2017 is the first reporting year for payment adjustments beginning in 2019.
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Top Reasons for Denied Claims
CureMD Medical Billing division presents a comprehensive report outlining top reasons for denials and how to avoid them in your practice. Use it to categorize denials in your practice and fix processes
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How To Master ICD-10
ICD-10 Documentation in 10 Days
Providers will have to make the most adjustments post ICD-10 and have the least time to prepare for it. Download this eBook for a comprehensive coverage of ICD-10 specialty documentation.
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Billing Services Research
87% physicians report increase in cash
Medical billing is no longer a problem once you have an authentic and high quality billing vendor. The following research proves that CureMD’s billing service model ensures maximum revenue to all its clients.
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5 Common EHR myths
Top Reasons for Denied Claims

Concerns about EHR adoption - this white paper is for you. Embrace cloud technology to save more.

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Patient Satisfaction
Patient Satisfaction beyond diagnosis
Providers will have to make the most adjustments post ICD-10 and have the least time to prepare for it. Download this eBook for a comprehensive coverage of ICD-10 specialty documentation.
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PM and Billing Services
CureMD's All-in-One Cloud platform integrates Electronic Health Records with Practice Management, patient engagement, and iPad app to customize care delivery, improve patient safety and minimize costs
Frustrated with your EHR?
Electronic Health Records
Dr. Gwilliam, a certified ICD-10 instructor, is back again on popular demand. October 1, 2016 marks the end of the CMS flexibility with ICD-10 coding and documentation. Will your records pass an audit?
Mastering MACRA
New Reimbursement Models
The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) was signed into law on April 26, 2015. MACRA repeals the previously used SGR formula with a new pay-for-performance program.
Urgent Care
EHR, PM and Medical Billing
CureMD urgent care EHR comes with customized templates to make your practice's operations easy, smooth and you don’t have to let your patients wait anymore. With CureMD urgent care EMR you can see patients faster
EHR, PM and Medical Billing
CureMD is the leading provider of Innovative health information management solutions and services that transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes.
A web-based specialty-specific EHR
Transform your practice with CureMD’s Cloud-based Electronic Health Record in a way you never imagined before. With a powerful knowledgebase, CureMD EHR is built for usability, performance and reliability.
Billing Services
Maximize profitability - Ensure success
We eliminate revenue leakages by streamlining your entire workflow; from eligibility, to check in, co pay collection and the entire back office - helping you optimize revenue collection.

Iphone EHR
Avalon enhances productivity and the bottom line of your practice
Avalon started with a desire to provide an experience clinicians and staff would love. To make it simpler, enjoyable, and more useful - yet, feel instantly familiar.
Medical PM Software
Simplify medical billing and take control of your practice

Integrated Practice Management form CureMD delivers enterprise-grade, customizable features to easily transform your practice operations.

HIMSS 2017

Are you ready for biggest Health IT event of the year Meet CureMD at HIMSS 2017.

Best in KLAS Award
A Celebration of Success

Best in KLAS Award - Ambulatory EMR & PM.

Dr. Lilly-Rose Paraskevas, P.C
CureMD strives to provide the best customer support and continuously improves their products. Since we have been with them, we have not added any staff at all.
Dr. Albert Matalon, MD
With CureMD, I am able to practice medicine the way I like. I can see patients, do my billing and chart notes. It all works seamlessly.
Dr. Matalon Daniel, MD

CureMD has helped me through Meaningful Use, PQRS, e-Prescribing and all the things that were new to me.

Dr. Margaret Safo, MD
CureMD has saved my medical practice. Without CureMD, I don't know where my practice would be today. I've had a long-term relationship with them and I love it!
Dr. Seth Keller, MD
I love CureMD because it is customizable, allows you to have easy access and someone is always there to help you.
Dr. Ruhayna Mukhi, MD
I've been using CureMD for 5 months now and the transition from paper charts was very easy. I am now able to practice more efficiently through the CureMD application. It's great.
You Should Never Be Disappointed a Year End
Too many physicians wait for their accountants to tell them if they have a good or bad year. All year long they have been busily practicing medicine, being busy means you’re doing well right? Not necessarily.
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Reduce your risk of bad receivables
Over the last ten years, the cost of care has increasingly shifted on to patients. This has been done through increasing co-pays,
co-insurance and deductibles. Many of the ACA plans rely on patients to shoulder 40%
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Healthcare Bill BRCA 2.0: Another Failed Attempt by Republicans?

Republicans are maximizing efforts to replace the Affordable Care Act with the Better Care Reconciliation Act, but thus far efforts seem to be in vain.

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Is Your Practice Perfect or Does It Need Improvement?
Maintaining a practice used to be considerably easier than it is today. Practitioners had straightforward objectives to achieve such as getting certified, managing overhead, providing excellent patient care
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6 Simple Ways to Reduce the Administrative Burden in a Practice
When a small practice attempts to do everything themselves, problems will almost certainly arise. Between managing operations, scheduling, billing, account management
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Physicians Get Tired Too: How to Get Rid of Physician Burnout
Exhaustion, mental stress, and emotional strain are part of practicing medicine. It becomes physician burnout, when practitioners feel emotionally and physically drained
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All-in-One EHR
Download to read more detail
CureMD is a leading provider of innovative health information management solutions that transforms the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes.
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Medical Billing Service
Download to read more detail
CureMD Medical Billing Service is an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution geared towards more than 32 specialties. This aslo increases the likelihood of the claim being accepted.
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Oncology EHR
Download to read more detail

Built on our award winning Cloud platform, CureMD Oncology has ... unprecedented attention to detail and input from practicing Oncologists.

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Dermatology EHR
Download to read more detail
Built on the award winning CureMD platform, the system provides extended support for Cosmetic Dermatology, Dermatopathology, Immunodermatology and Mohs surgery. A comprehensive solution.
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Public Health EHR
Download to read more detail
Designed to optimize healthcare outcomes, CureMD intuitively collects standardized data & seamlessly connects it with public health departments for care quality, disease prevention & cost control.
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