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Facilitate your patients to securely request appointments and refills online, receive test results as they become available, utilize educational material and update their health status, history, allergies, demographics, and insurance while subscribing to valuable electronic tools and services.

With online Patient Portal, your patients no longer have to wait in a queue just to request appointments or get a copy of their medical records. In addition to meeting patient engagement objectives, the CureMD Patient Portal also serves as a gateway to your online presence.

Benefits for Patients

The Patient Portal helps patients access their updated records, anytime and anywhere, with secure access to charts, lab results, radiology reports, messages and statements.

In addition, we offer comprehensive medical billing services tailored for small practices, ensuring streamlined financial management alongside top-notch patient care.

  • Online Registration
  • Appointment booking, cancellation and rescheduling
  • Messaging
  • Prescription Refills
  • View Lab and Radiology Reports
  • Administrative Alerts
  • Clinical Summary
  • Consents
  • Check-in
  • Immunization
  • Patient Statements
  • Medical Billing Software

Benefits for Physicians

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Information Sharing
  • Streamlined Workflows
  • Disease Management
  • Update insurance or contact information
  • Make payments
  • P4P & Quality Initiatives
  • Compliance
  • Rapid Covid Vaccine Scheduling

Check-in KIOSK

Enhance patient check-in and payment process!

CureMD KIOSK allows patients to quickly and easily check-in at the front desk, pay their co-payments using a credit card, scan insurance ID cards, and update their photo and demographics information. Our KIOSK automatically synchronizes with CureMD EHR, allowing for real-time information status updates with regard to patient arrivals and payments.

Improve patient care management with integrity patient portal. Let us show you how! Enabling better care & solving the problem that drives everything else-knowing who is who.

CureMD KIOSK EHR for large medical practices will tremendously cut down time spent by your staff on mundane tasks like patient check-in and collecting co-pays. By freeing up their time, you can assign the staff to other important tasks - streamlining operations and improving the quality of service to your patients.

Practise Management

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