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Deliver, monitor and optimize Gaps-in-Care and disease management

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Disease Prediction
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Gaps Alerts

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Health Record

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Care Team

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Care Alerts

  • Patient-friendly post-summaries:

    Simplified insights after each visit.

  • Lab/Radiology Results:

    No more jargon. Just clear, actionable insights.

  • Medication Adherence:

    Intelligent reminders that adapt to patient behaviors.

  • PGHD Sharing:

    A seamless way to share patient-generated health data.

  • Secure Messaging:

    Direct, hassle-free communication between patients and providers.

My Health

  • Quick & Secure Access:

    Dive into your health data with unmatched speed and security.

  • Healthcare Network Integration:

    A unified platform bridging all practices.

  • Wearable Device Integration:

    Sync with devices like Apple Watch and Fitbit for real-time vitals monitoring.


  • Intuitive Summaries:

    Get to the heart of your medical visits without the clutter.

  • Provider's Treatment Plans:

    Understand your treatment trajectory with easy-to-grasp outlines.

  • Efficient Highlighting:

    Focus on what truly matters, ensuring you're always informed and prepared.

Lab & Radiology Insights

  • De-cluttered Information:

    Cut through the medical jargon with straightforward explanations of your lab and radiology results.

  • Educational Material:

    Easy-to-understand materials related to your health condition that help you better manage your daily life.

  • Lifestyle Recommendations:

    Get personalized advice that aligns with your health trends, helping you make lifestyle choices that foster better well-being.

Medication Adherence & Refills

  • Enhanced Medication Adherence:

    Effortlessly log and monitor your medication schedule with our intuitive interface for better health outcomes.

  • Reminder Set-Up:

    Personalized reminders so you never miss your medication.

  • Real-time Notifications:

    Timely alerts to keep your medication schedule on track.

  • Smart Recommendations:

    Get notified about low or expiring medication stocks automatically

  • In-app Refills:

    Order refills right in the app-quick and hassle-free.

Secure Messaging

  • Instant, Secure Connections:

    Directly connect with your all your care team members through a consolidated messaging system, designed to maintain patient privacy while enabling real-time communication.

  • Care Coordination:

    Ensure timely discussions with smart message delivery, so information reaches the right healthcare provider when it matters most.

  • Elevated Patient Experiences:

    Through efficient communication, enhance patient satisfaction by keeping them informed and involved in their care journey.

Medical Mind Notifications

  • AI-Powered Insights offer alerts for preventive care and Gaps-In-Care. Alerts are based on clinical records analysis and changing health information (recently received lab report).

  • Whether it's an alert for disease prediction, your medication is running low, or an abnormal lab result has just come in.

  • You’ll not only be notified but also prompted to take action in collaboration with your care team.

Family & Care-Giver Access

  • Proxy Access:

    Brings your family and loved one’s health records together, making it simpler to manage appointments, prescriptions, and more.

  • Multiple Profile Handling:

    Easily toggle between profiles to track each family member’s health status, from children to elderly relatives.

  • Convenience and Clarity:

    Save time and reduce hassle by centralizing health management in one user-friendly platform.

Streamlined Payments

  • Co-Pay Convenience:

    Navigate through your co-pay responsibilities with ease, ensuring that you are always up-to-date with minimal effort.

  • Insurance Simplified:

    Consolidate all your insurance information, from policy details to claim statuses, in one accessible place, giving you a clear view of your coverage.

  • Instant Notifications:

    Stay informed with instant alerts on new charges, upcoming bills, and successful transactions, keeping you in control of your financial commitments.

Unified Care-Delivery

  • Digital Check-In:

    Begin your visit with a hassle-free digital check-in process. Fill out necessary medical forms, and prepare for your appointment right from your smartphone.

  • Effortless Appointment Booking:

    Schedule, cancel and edit your appointments with ease though our online booking system. Access calendars, select your preferred time slots, and receive immediate confirmation for your visit.

  • Post-Visit Engagement:

    Stay engaged with your health journey through digital platforms. Access visit summaries, educational content, and receive personalized health tips to support your recovery and wellness.

Gaps in Care

  • AI Health Screening:

    Medical Mind our AI engine, analyzes your medical history and risk factors to provide bespoke health screening.

  • Preventive Care:

    Proactive health management is now at your fingertips, with personalized care aimed at early detection and prevention.

  • Health Monitoring:

    Stay ahead of potential health concerns with dynamic monitoring that adapts as your health needs evolve over time.

Personalized Education

  • Customized Learning:

    Discover content specifically curated to align with your medical condition, tests, upcoming procedures, and medications.

  • Rich Media Library:

    Dive into our expansive collection of articles and videos, all designed to provide you with deeper insights into your health care journey

  • Interactive Learning:

    Engage with interactive tools that help reinforce understanding and retention of health-related information.


  • Health Tracking:

    Stay informed about key health metrics like BMI, blood pressure, and SpO2. Our intuitive interface makes self-monitoring simple and accurate.

  • Trend Analysis:

    Visualize your health over time with trend graphs. Watch the progression of your vitals to understand your health journey better

  • Data Sharing:

    Share your vital statistics with healthcare providers or loved ones in just a few taps, fostering collaborative care management.

  • Wellness:

    Our platform not only tracks your vitals but also empowers you with the knowledge to understand and manage them.

Conversational AI

  • 24/7 Q&A Support:

    CureDoc is here to provide answers anytime, helping you understand your health better.

  • Real-Time Treatment Updates:

    Keep track of your health journey with instant updates from CureDoc, ensuring you're always informed about your treatment plan.

  • Hassle-Free Appointments:

    Scheduling made simple. CureDoc assists with booking your appointments quickly and efficiently.

Check-in KIOSK

Enhance patient check-in and payment process!

CureMD KIOSK allows patients to quickly and easily check-in at the front desk, pay their co-payments using a credit card, scan insurance ID cards, and update their photo and demographics information. Our KIOSK automatically synchronizes with CureMD EHR, allowing for real-time information status updates with regard to patient arrivals and payments.

Improve patient care management with integrity patient portal. Let us show you how! Enabling better care & solving the problem that drives everything else-knowing who is who.

CureMD KIOSK EHR for large medical practices will tremendously cut down time spent by your staff on mundane tasks like patient check-in and collecting co-pays. By freeing up their time, you can assign the staff to other important tasks - streamlining operations and improving the quality of service to your patients.

Practise Management

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