MIPS 2022 Final Rule

MIPS 2022 Final Rule

CureMD consultants highlight the important changes made to the program due to the new legislation. With the minimum performance threshold now set at 75 points, clinicians must maximize compliance this year to avoid future penalties and quality score reduction.

Clinicians and practice administrators should review the following handout to keep track of changes that may affect their MIPS compliance. CureMD consultants have simplified the new rule, so our member practices don’t fall behind the competition for a high MIPS score.

2022 MIPS Final Rule [PDF]

Maximize compliance with MIPS registry

Maximize MIPS compliance with minimum effort by becoming a member of our MIPS registry. Our consulting team will help analyze data and select high performing measures, so that our member practices can gain exceptional bonus reimbursements, whilst reducing the risk of penalties.

Our integrated MIPS registry can help you make the most out of MIPS reporting. Member practices are regularly updated about legislative changes, and trained to maximize compliance. For 2021 reporting, member practices have exceeded performance threshold requirements and attested with maximum scores.

  • Member practices have increased their score by an average of 24.5 points
  • Highest score increase was 47.75 points

MIPS Made Simple

Staying up to date with constant program legislation changes can be bothersome for clinicians. New measures, point benchmarks, and performance thresholds complicate MIPS and can make it difficult to avoid negative payment adjustment. Clinicians often struggle with implementing new program guidelines, with failure to do so resulting in up to a 9% negative payment adjustment.

CureMD member practices get a team of highly trained consultants that are in constant contact with them, helping them exceed program reporting requirements. From measure selection to final data submission, our consultants are by your side for the whole MIPS journey. This partnership has led to CureMD member practices receiving over $66 million in performance bonus reimbursements.

mips made simple

A proven record of client success

Exceptional Performers in 2020
Avoided Penalty

Full Service all year long

Become a partner with our registry, and get service for entire program year. We’ve worked with all types of practices, including solo practices, multi-specialty groups, and ACOs. Our collective MIPS experience of 200 years and covering over 30 specialties allow us the capability to provide MIPS service across all client sizes.

We constantly interact with our member practices to ensure full compliance with constantly changing legislative requirements. Regular bi-weekly meetings are held reviewing progress on how well our members are on track to achieve goals, along with consultation, and in depth training on areas of improvement. Rather than simply ending at data submission, our support also extends to helping our members through any future MIPS audits. Audits can be frightening, however our consultants will guide you through the whole process, ensuring you always pass with flying colors.

MIPS Case Study [PDF]

mips support for all practices

Experience + Expertise = Success

200+ years
Combined industry experience

Partnering with clinicians
of all specialties and EHRs

Regardless of your specialty or the EHR, we’re here to help you. Our consultants are experts in MIPS measures for all categories across all specialties. We have the experience, depth, and knowledge required to train clinicians as well as your staff to effectively meet all requirements and exceed performance thresholds.

We regularly review CMS legislation to ensure our registry is always compliant with new program requirements. With 6 consecutive years of 100% success rate, we’re here to make sure all our member practices are fully MIPS compliant.

partnering with clinicians of all specialities




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