CureMD strives to provide the best customer support and continuously improves their products. Since we have been with them, we have not added any staff at all.

Dr. Lilly-Rose Paraskevas

What Our Customers Say

We care what our customers think of us and so should you. We are partners in your business and your success is ours.

Fatin Qutob

Transcend Integrated Healthcare

Easy to use EMR. The EMR has many features that contribute to a more successful practice. Account managers and all employees are always available to help and go above and beyond expectations when responding to queries or requests for help. Each an every employee at CureMD is patient, thorough, well trained and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Ruth Doughty

Salvatore Lenzo, MD

Here are some of the main reasons why I like CureMD; The product permits our practice to submit claims electronically with a very simplified workflow. The reports are very useful, particularly in regard to "collection reports". The customer service for the most part is very efficient and professional.

Jessica Pigott

Clinic Manager
at Young Minds Psychiatry

After using the billing system for 3 years, we had trust in their product and wanted to move forward using CureMD for our EMR system. Having the ability to add and customize is one of the reasons we decided to choose CureMD, that's why using the system is extremely efficient.

Karina Fraga

Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Center

Easy to Use. Great Way to Manage Our Office With Scheduling.

Turena Morton

Institute For Asthma & Allergy

The software is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Anna Herrerar

Wellness Oncology & Hematology

Excellent Support

Jeanne DeMulder

Wading River Medical Care, PC

The program is user friendly, and the customer support is exceptional!

Steve McClanahan

Hines Street Pharmacy

CureMD's Medical Billing Software and Services are customizable. It is simple and straightforward to use. If you can see it, you can do it!

Cortney Davis

Sleep Solutions

CureMD is user friendly. We are able to access information from multiple locations. Reporting made easy.

Maria Basarab

Institute for Asthma and Allergy

Application is user friendly and very easy to use. Robust and powerful.

Brad Womble

TestSmarter Inc.

CureMD has been great with integrating their billing platform with our home grown EHR. Very refreshing to work with such a professional group.

Valerie Watkins

Vero Vascular Surgery

I love how easy and straightforward everything is. You can navigate around with ease, and if I need help, I can always put in a ticket and I get a call back quickly.

Carmen Williams

Navarro Pain Control Group Inc.

I specifically love the attention and care towards our practice from Aaron in regards to all MIPS. He is outstanding, gave excellent training, and is very supportive in all aspects. The Help desk is also great at providing support for all other matters.

Joy Stotts

WIC Certifier / Clerk, Grundy County Health Department, Missouri

Our implementation of CureMD has gone smoothly and we have found the program to be very user friendly. Our nurses caught on easily, quickly recognizing the value of having EHR. The billing aspect has freed up quite a lot of time for us to work on other tasks as well.

Dawn Vader

Administrator, Hickory County Health Department, Missouri

CureMD has been very professional and at the same time, kind and gentle in their approach. We have all enjoyed working with them and look forward to the continuing support we will have from CureMD.

Lynn Harmon

Quality Assurance & Standards Manager
Gaston County Health Department, North Carolina

We had an exceptional Go-Live and received exceptional customer service from CureMD! We love not having to input data in multiple places or double chart. Also the flow of the Provider Notes allow for a more efficient charting process.

Jody Welston

Administrator at Bates County
Health Center, Missouri

We're a small rural health department and change and transition can be difficult. CureMD was a great advocate — encouraging us along the way. We are so glad we went with this EHR system!

Rebecca Silva

Director of Operations at Denville
Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Center

CureMD has the ability to add custom information for tracking and reporting purposes in order to monitor the progress and day-to-day activities of not only employees but of patient care plans and statuses as well. CureMD has the best customer service and account management representatives I have come across.

Melissa Parmeley

Clinical Services Manager
Jefferson County Health Department, Missouri

“Our implementation specialist was extremely knowledgeable. I have been through multiple EHR implementations and transitions in my career and this one was one of the easier implementations. We look forward to eliminating some paper processes, having a true inventory available and the mobility of the system for our community clinics.”

Suzanne Reed

Billing Manager at Los Alamitos Hematology/Oncology Medical Group, Inc.

Before CureMD, billing was time-consuming and doctors couldn't access information. It is all in one convenient place allowing all of us in the office to work together cohesively. The team is very friendly and is always patient with us. CureMD has made my job 100% better and I think it can help other practices too.

Elizabeth Gibson

Administrator, Grundy County Health Department, Missouri

The CureMD staff was kind, patient, and understanding. Our Health Department staff was able to immediately see that CureMD would make our lives easier. We have a much more comprehensive client record and now everything is in one place.

Patricia High

Assistant Public Health Coordinator
Ocean County Health Department

CureMD has proven to be a streamlined and easy-to-use EMR for our offices. As a large public health department, CureMD has met our needs as we shifted diverse clinical services with unique billing considerations into a fully electronic medical record platform.

Jayne White

Public Health Nurse Manager
Andrew County Health Department

Our Public Health friends in Missouri will be beating down CureMD's door when we share with them how CureMD's software has made our lives easier! Our patients and staff love the system and support!

Tom Langer

Administrator / Public Health
Officer Kansas

CureMD is awesome! The EMR is working very well for us and support has been fantastic and responsive. The Vaccine Management System is completely automated, so with 4 simple clicks we can administer a vaccine shot a minute!

Frances Elliot

Processing Unit Supervisor
Albermale Regional Health Services, NC

I’d absolutely recommend CureMD to other health departments. I work a lot with CureMD support entering tickets. Their support is excellent and responsive. The EHR is user friendly, manageable for all ages and very easy to use. Thank you very much CureMD and their team.

Battle Betts

District Health Director
Albermale Regional Health Services, NC

CureMD is a robust electronic medical record solution that still allows practices to personalize and customize the platform to meet specific local needs. Staff greatly appreciates the synergies between the scheduling, clinical and billing modules of the system.

Chad Shore

Chief Operating Officer
Wilkes County Health Department, NC

CureMD was great to work with during the exploratory, planning & implementation stages of our project. We decided to move forward with the transition of EMR’s during an extremely taxing pandemic & they were very patient and gracious with our team.

Valerie Boyd

Administrative Assistant / Finance
Controller Colorado

CureMD's online scheduling system for COVID vaccines has been a lifesaver for our county. CureMD has provided a platform to not only bill for services but track needed community data.

Ryan McGhee

Chief Technology Officer
Cabarrus Health Alliance

The vaccine scheduling system is quite flexible. The system lets people book appointments for themselves online and includes billing automation, greatly reducing the burden of data entry.

Dr. Michael D. Grant

Surgical Oncologist (Dallas, TX)

CureMD is unique because it is cloud based and is very easy to customize. The templates can be tailored to meet the needs of our practice.

Dr. Daniel Matalon

Matalon Daniel MD

CureMD has helped me through Meaningful Use, PQRS, e-Prescribing and all the things that were new to me.

Dr. Ranjit Suri

Heart Rhythm Associates of NY

CureMD is a breath of fresh air. It is fair to say that their EHR is the fastest answer to our documentation needs.

Dr. Olga Leonardi

Manhattan Endocrinologist

CureMD enables me to access patient records anywhere, anytime. I recommend CureMD to other physicians because it's well thought out.

Dr. Nelson Menezes

Nelson Menezes Vascular Specialist

CureMD is user-friendly, and it is tailored to my practice so I feel at home using it.

Dr. Albert Matalon

Albert Matalon MD

With CureMD, I am able to practice medicine the way I like. I can see patients, do my billing and chart notes. It all works seamlessly.

Dr. Ruhayna Mukhi

Alliance Family Medical Practice

I've been using CureMD for 5 months now and the transition from paper charts was very easy. I am now able to practice more efficiently through the CureMD application. It's great.

Nancy Bowles

Office Manager, Dr. Michael D. Grant

Everything I need is right there at my fingertips.

Dr. Margaret Safo

Margarest Safo MD

CureMD has saved my medical practice. Without CureMD, I don't know where my practice would be today. I've had a long-term relationship with them and I love it!

Dr. Seth Keller

Heart Rhythm Associates of NY

I love CureMD because it is customizable, allows you to have easy access and someone is always there to help you.

Dr. Steven Sherwin

Garden City Obstetrician & Gynecologist

CureMD is easy to use. All you need to know is how to use a mouse and type. I don't have to worry about my bad handwriting anymore.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee-Ray

Eastchester Medical Associates

CureMD has made my practice workflow faster, quicker and hassle free. The fact that I can submit claims with just a click has made my life a lot easier.


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