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CureMD PM is a powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based enterprise practice management solution that connects care delivery organizations clinically, operationally, and financially. It integrates access to patient demographics, scheduling, electronic billing, administrative/financial reporting, and workflow management, improving productivity and eliminating reimbursement delays and communication barriers.

Integrated access across patient demographics, scheduling, electronic billing for small practices, administrative/financial reporting and workflow management connects front and back office operations, improves productivity eliminating reimbursement delays and communication barriers.

Our powerful functionalities and flexible architecture make CureMD the ideal choice for automating your business processes and reducing unnecessary overheads. Our award-winning user-friendly interface and point-and-click technology expedite transaction speed and service quality.

Whether your goal is to enhance the value of services to your patients, increase reimbursements, or simply stay ahead of the technology curve, CureMD can empower your practice with the flexibility and outreach it needs to succeed in the digital age.


CureMD Practice Management is not just a billing software.

It is a complete, web-based enterprise practice management solution that streamlines clinical, administrative, and financial operations of care delivery organizations, enabling unprecedented collaboration, productivity, and growth.

Whether your goal is to enhance the value of services to your patients, increase reimbursements, improve overall efficiency, or to simply stay ahead of compliance requirements, CureMD empowers your practice to thrive in today’s highly competitive practice of medicine.

CureMD Advantages

Enterprise Functionality

  • Scheduling
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Electronic Communication
  • Eligibility
  • Copay and Outstanding Balance Collection
  • Electronic Claims and Remittance
  • Rules-Based Claims Scrubber
  • Data Mining Reports
  • Built-in Clearing House
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Payer Management
  • Patient Portal
  • e-Learning
  • Denial Management
  • Access Control & Audit Trail
  • Online Payments
  • Business Intelligence
curemd Enterprise Functionality

Optimizing Inventory Management

CureMD’s integrated inventory management helps practices efficiently manage, stock, dispense and sell medications, vaccines, DME, and much more. Configurable for both large and small practices, our inventory management solution promotes revenue growth by increasing stock levels of high demand products while reducing costs associated with supply chain management. Multi-location practices can enjoy benefits available to central inventory and supply chain management.

Our Practice Management is built with the latest technology to effectively manage value-based care programs like Patient Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring and Behavioral Health Integration.

  • Inventory Dashboard
  • Prescription Tracking
  • Barcode Scanning and Printing
  • Sales Commission Tracking
  • Gift Cards, Promotions & Coupons Support
  • Reorder Alerts
  • Audit Reports
  • Kit Creation
  • Point of Sale
  • Multi-Location Tracking
  • Lot and Expiration Tracking
  • DME Rental Management
  • FramesData Integration for Optometrists
  • Device and Browser Independent
  • Role-Based Security
curemd Optimizing inventory management

Empower Everyone in Your Practice

Your staff wears multiple hats, constantly tackling a number of administrative, legal, financial, and technological issues, often all in the same day.

The workload is often more than what a single person can handle. And if someone decides to call it a day, which is more common nowadays thanks to the regulatory environment, the results can be disastrous for your practice.

That’s where CureMD steps in.

We take care of your most tedious practice management work. By automating processes, eliminating communication barriers, and reducing staff workload.


Integrated with our award-winning EHR and patient portal, CureMD Practice Management connects
front and back end operations seamlessly, removing communication
barriers and streamlining the flow of information to synchronize operations.

Practices using CureMD have reported:

  • Time savings
  • Increased staff performance and satisfaction
  • No reimbursement delays
  • Fewer claim rejections
  • Efficient collection process
  • Improved service quality
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction

Personalized Dashboards

Manage daily tasks personalized dashboards. Customized according to your preferences, these dashboards provide ongoing visibility into every aspect of your practice operations.

  • Review tasks or assign to other users
  • Monitor key performance indicators
  • Easily manage incoming faxes, messages, and results
curemd personalized dashboards


Schedule and manage appointments and resources across different providers, locations, and days on a single clutter-free screen. Advanced features like recurring appointments, direct eligibility check, and administrative alerts optimize efficiency and service quality.


Worried about valuable patient health information getting into the wrong hands? Our messaging module allows you to securely send and receive messages to other users, practices, and patients.


Intelligent billing provides innovative functionalities for automatic charge capture, clean claim checks, electronic claim submission, electronic payment posting, denial management, and financial reporting to help reduce errors and maximize revenue.

Denial Management

The system automatically identifies and tracks denials and reasons for the denials, helping you to not only resolve them on time but also avoid them in the future.

A built-in rules engine updates the application to pinpoint these errors in the future to correct the claim before submitting it to payors, reducing future denials.

Point of Sale

Integrated credit card processing allows physicians to electronically accept payment from self-pay patients.

You can also easily create a patient payment plan in the system.

Document Management

Capture, scan, and attach paper charts, clinical images, photographs, x-rays, audio files, and medical drawings directly into the electronic chart or through an integrated PACS system for complete, accurate, and up-to-date information availability.


Studies indicate practices lose one-third of their revenue to patient collections. CureMD Practice Management ensures you are not one of them.

The scheduler clearly indicates whether the copay has or has not been collected for a patient. The check-in screen displays the most up-to-date patient balances, helping practices collect at the time of check-in or check-out.

Send automatic email or text reminders to patients to clear their patient balance.


With ICD-10, your front desk staff will have a lot on their plate. From updating patient records to educating patients about expected changes in their insurance plans—your staff will have their hands full. Our eligibility verification tool will cut their workload, and your telephone bill, in half.

No more phone calls to insurance companies to verify patient eligibility, as our solution does that for you within seconds, even before the patient visit.

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CureMD simplifies decision making, streamlines operations, and ensures compliance with industry standards and best practices, ultimately saving time and effort to maximize value and returns.

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