Support patients in achieving better selfmanagement of their chronic illness.

Chronic Care Management Software

CureMD's Chronic Care Management Software empowers you to seamlessly integrate chronic care management, behavioral health integration, and principal care management into your existing workflow. Develop and manage tailored plans to address specific patient needs and centralize and analyze vital patient information for informed decision-making.


Chronic Care Management Software

CureMD's chronic care management software empowers you to deliver exceptional care. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow, boosting efficiency and optimizing both revenue and provider satisfaction.

CCMS can analyze patient data to identify those at high risk for complications or hospital admissions. This allows for proactive interventions and personalized care plans before issues arise.

Chronic Care Management Software facilitates seamless communication between healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers, ensuring everyone is on the same page 

Chronic Care Management Software customizes care plans based on individual patient needs, ensuring tailored interventions for optimal health outcomes.

Why Choose CureMD’s as Your Care Management Software Partner

20 - 30%

Boosted Patient Engagement

40 – 60%+

Improve Health Outcome

50 - 60%

Increase Productivity

35 - 45%

Reduce Costs

Exceptional Care Management for Doctors

Maximize Medicare reimbursement for chronic care management with CureMD's intuitive CCM module. Designed to simplify program participation and optimize patient outcomes, our solution empowers you to:

  • Pinpoint patients who qualify for Medicare's CCM program, ensuring you don't miss out on valuable reimbursements.
  • Manage patient enrollments and program activities efficiently, freeing up valuable time for patient care.
  • Promote awareness of the program and simplify the enrollment process, increasing the number of patients who can benefit
  • Leverage pre-built care plan templates for 27 common chronic conditions, ensuring consistent and effective care delivery.
  • Accurately track time spent on CCM activities with our built-in time tracker, simplifying reimbursement claims
  • Streamline claim submission with automated batch billing, saving you time and minimizing errors.

Focus on what matters most - delivering exceptional chronic care. CureMD's CCM module empowers you to navigate Medicare's program with ease, ensuring optimal reimbursement while keeping your patients' well-being at the forefront.

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Simplify Care Management and Enhance Patient Outcomes

  • Collect reviews on well-known healthcare and social platforms.
  • Customizable Care Plans for Tailored Patient Management
  • Seamless Integration with EH
  • Automated Patient Outreach and Engagement Tools
  • Advanced Analytics for Informed Decision
  • HIPAA-Compliant Secure Communication Channels
  • Easy-to-Use Interface for Streamlined Workflow Management
  • Dedicated Support and Training Resources
  • Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities for Performance Evaluation

Optimize Care Management Workflow

Simplify Chronic Care Coordination with our software, designed to help healthcare providers manage complex patient care plans, track progress, and make data-driven decisions. Our software empowers you to deliver personalized care and improve patient outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Set timelines for patients to update their health readings and define expectations for review, enabling proactive care.

Collaborative Care Teams

Establish teams to monitor patients' health data and manage care plans, ensuring comprehensive support

Multiple Care Plans

Develop distinct care plans for patients with various chronic illnesses, catering to their unique requirements.

Timely Intervention

Monitor patient prognosis and intervene promptly to prevent complications and improve health outcomes.

Accessible Patient Data

View patient health tracker readings securely on the web or mobile app, ensuring convenient access.

Intelligent Technology for Better Patient Management

Customized Analytics and Reporting

Our software provides advanced analytics and reporting tools that help healthcare providers track patient progress, measure performance, and identify areas for improvement

Population Health Management

Our software helps healthcare providers manage population health by tracking patient data, identifying potential health risks, and enabling data-driven decisions.

AI Driven Patient Centered Care

Our software enables healthcare providers to create personalized care plans that cater to individual patient needs, promoting patient engagement and empowerment.

Quality Measurement and Improvement

Our software provides advanced analytics and reporting tools that help healthcare providers measure performance, identify areas for improvement, and optimize care management.


Top Chorionic Care Management Software Companies, Pricing and Comparison

Discover the leading Chorionic Care Management Software providers, delve into their pricing structures, and gain valuable insights through a comprehensive comparison. This guide offers a concise yet detailed overview, aiding healthcare professionals in selecting the optimal software solution for their needs.

Streamline Your Practice with One Centralized Hub for Patients

Simplify your practice with a user-friendly platform that centralizes patient management, enabling efficient and precise chronic care management.

Seamless Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Verify patient eligibility and benefits effortlessly, ensuring smooth navigation of administrative tasks and seamless access to care services.

Accurate Diagnosis Integration

Seamlessly integrate patient diagnoses into our platform for precise chronic care planning, enhancing clinical decision-making and treatment outcomes.

Advanced Patient Preauthorization

Streamline preauthorization processes with our platform, ensuring timely and efficient chronic care management.

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Empowering Patient Management with Integrated Care Management Software

We believe in putting your patients first. Our Chronic Care Management software simplifies everything from onboarding to care plans, freeing you up to focus on what matters most - delivering excellent care. This user-friendly platform seamlessly integrates technology with compassionate care, leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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