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How Is CureMD Better Then The Competition?

How Is CureMD Better Than The Competition?

CureMD is a comprehensive and innovative Electronic Health Records (EHR) system that offers a wide range of features and functionalities to help healthcare organizations streamline their workflows and improve patient care.

Managing Patient Experience Using CureMD

Managing Patient Experience Using CureMD

Managing the patient experience is crucial to the success of any healthcare organization. Patients are more informed and engaged than ever before, and they have high expectations when it comes to the care they receive.

Advantages For Billing Companies In Reducing Costs And Accelerating Growth

Advantages For Billing Companies In Reducing Costs And Accelerating Growth

Billing companies face various challenges in providing efficient and cost-effective services to healthcare providers. By partnering with CureMD as a practice management (PM) solution, billing companies can address these challenges and unlock opportunities for reducing costs and growing their business.

How To Improve ROI For Your Medical Practice

How To Improve ROI For Your Medical Practice?

Running a medical practice is not an easy task, especially when it comes to managing the finances. Managing finances in a medical practice can be challenging because of the constant changes in the healthcare industry, including regulatory changes, new technology, and changes in insurance policies.

Optimizing Patient Care and Retention

Optimizing Patient Care and Retention

This White Paper explores best practices for adopting a patient-centric approach, maximizing patient retention, and utilizing technology and data analytics to improve patient engagement.

Common EHR Myths Debunked

Integrated Oncology EHR and PM – Value Proposition

Download the whitepaper to know the value proposition associated with the CureMD Oncology EHR and PM – the complete solution for community Oncology practices.

MACRA for dummies

MACRA For Dummies

Download this condensed guide of the MACRA Final rule outlining eligibility, reporting and implementation timelines and a brief summary of the Quality Payment Programs coming in 2017.

Top reasons for denied claims

Top Reasons for Denied Claims

CureMD Medical Billing division presents a comprehensive report outlining top reasons for denials and how to avoid them in your practice. Use it to categorize denials in your practice and fix processes where required.

The Internal medicine crunch time guide to ICD-1

The Internal Medicine Crunch Time Guide to ICD-10

With only a month left until the official launch date of ICD-10, there are still many providers who find themselves unsure of what the change means for their practice. Use this crunch time guide to learn what ICD-10 is exactly and how you can successfully switch diagnostic code sets come October 1st.

Running an independent practice in 2015

Running an independent practice in 2022

Staying independent or joining a group? This whitepaper is your guide to practicing medicine in 2015 and beyond. Learn how recent and upcoming trends in healthcare will affect the way you practice medicine this year.

How to master ICD-10 Documentation in 10 Days

How to Master ICD-10 Documentation in 10 Days

Providers will have to make the most adjustments post ICD-10 and have the least time to prepare for it. Download this eBook for a comprehensive coverage of ICD-10 specialty documentation.

Top Medical Billing Services Review

Top Medical Billing Services Review

If selecting your electronic medical record vendor was not enough, physicians are now faced with another timely decision that must be made before the big bad wolf ICD-10 kicks in. Download this white paper to see how top medical billing companies fare against each other.

Become MU Smart

Becoming MU Smart

Your goal is to make most effective use of the MU incentive program. Our MU smart eBook can help you reach it in no time. You will be on track with all important information regarding Meaningful Use including important deadlines, recent updates, helping tools and much more.

Mini Handbook for successful ICD-10 Conversion

Mini Handbook for successful ICD-10 conversion

Why wait for ICD-10 to come? Be among the early providers to undergo ICD-10 conversion training now! This handbook offers important information and consultation to help providers adapt ICD-10 conversion, without affecting their practice.

Reaserch: 87% physicians report increase in cash flow

Research: 87% physicians report increase in cash flow

Medical billing is no longer a problem once you have an authentic and high quality billing vendor. The following research proves that CureMD’s billing service model ensures maximum revenue to all its clients, which is more than four times better compared to the industry average. Read to learn how.

Top Oncology EHR Vendors Pricing Analysis

Top Oncology EHR Vendors Pricing Analysis

EHR vendors may be aware of the complex needs of oncology practices, but are unable to deliver them a cost effective system that is easy to use and has all the features they require. Learn the criteria to choose the perfect EHR vendor for your practice.

Check list to select the best family practice EHR

Checklist to select the best Family Practice EHR

It’s a common misconception that Family Practices can make do with general EHRs. On the contrary, their workload and lack of staff does not allow them to waste their time and resources on substandard EHR software. Therefore, this guide has been designed to help you evaluate vendors before choosing the EHR for your practice.

Checklist to select the best pediatric EHR

Checklist to select the best Pediatric EHR

Developing EHR software for children is not a task for every vendor in the market. This guide has been specifically designed for pediatricians to educate them about qualities of a Pediatric EHR and help them avoid buying one developed from perspective of an adult patient.

EHR Replacement Guide

EHR Replacement Guide

Is your current EHR boring and bulky? Are you spending more time behind the computer rather than focusing on patients? CureMD offers a detailed insight into how to get rid of your current system and switch to a completely integrated and state-of-the-art solution.

Top EHR Vendors Pricing Analysis

Top EHR Vendors Pricing Analysis

There are hundreds of EHR companies out there and choosing the right vendor can seem like a daunting task. Download this straightforward and candid analysis of top EHR vendors from an independent industry expert.

Meaningful use Audit: 7 tips to protect your practice

Meaningful Use Audit: 7 tips to protect your Practice

One in 20 meaningful use (MU) attesters will face an audit. You must gear yourself to defend your incentive payments. This whitepaper will cover everything you have ever wanted to know about the meaningful use audit process.

Achieving Meaningful use stage 2

Achieving Meaningful Use Stage 2

Attesting for Meaningful Use Stage 2 can be a tricky business. You need to be aware of all the key metrics and deadlines in order to earn government incentives. Download this white paper for a step-by-step guide.

5 secrets of smart EHR buyers

5 Secrets of Smart EHR Buyers

Selecting the right EHR for your practice is critical in today’s complex and evolving healthcare industry. Finding the perfect EHR can be overwhelming for buyers, which Is why it is imperative to make the ideal decision and select the perfect EHR.

Improve the ROI of your medical practice

Improving the ROI of your Medical Practice

Learn these essential steps to take control of your practice profits.

ICD-10: 5 steps to take now

ICD-10 : 5 Steps to take now

The ICD-10 implementation deadline is approaching fast. Is your vendor ICD-10 ready? Read this White Paper and find out the steps you need to take to ensure a smooth ICD-10 conversion.

3 steps to a paperless practice

3 Steps to a Paperless Practice

This white paper aims to facilitate your understanding of EMRs and addresses the ambiguities revolving around them. Read this paper will ease you through the transition and make your practice paperless!

Achieving Meaningful use

Achieving Meaningful Use

The U.S government is paying incentives to care providers for adopting EHRs. Find out the incentive amounts and eligibility criteria by reading this White Paper. Analyze the impact by meaningfully using an EHR and reap the incentives while avoiding penalties.

6 way to improve revenue cycle management

6 Ways to Improve Revenue Cycle Management

From the questions you need to ask yourself, to the questions you need to ask your potential vendor, this White Paper is your guide to productivity and revenue generation. This resource is intended for practices looking to turn the tide in their favor.

How to choose a reliable medical billing service

How to Choose a Reliable Medical Billing Service

Medical billing is confusing, complicated, and ever changing. This guide will update you with the best practices to collect more at a lower cost, decrease the turnaround time, increase reimbursements through accurate workflows and timely follow-ups.

curemd EHR Evaluation Checklist

How to Choose a Reliable EHR Software

With numerous EHR solutions on the market, choosing the right one for your healthcare practice is a crucial task. Our comprehensive checklist, designed to empower healthcare professionals, simplifies the selection process.

5 benefits of cloud computing in healthcare

5 Benefits of Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Learn all you need to know about cloud technology in a health care IT setting. Adopting cloud technology is the remedy to various threats that practices are facing these days. Download this White Paper and learn what it means to be ‘in the cloud’.

Patient Satisfaction beyond diagnosis & prescription

4 Steps to Ensure Patient Satisfaction

Learn the 4 key steps needed to generate profits through satisfied patients.

Common EHR Myths Debunked

5 Common EHR myths

Concerns about EHR adoption - this white paper is for you. Embrace cloud technology to save more.


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