Next Generation EHR for Large Medical Practices

CureMD EMR is a customizable electronic medical record system designed for healthcare practices that prioritizes mobility and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The system provides innovative tools for healthcare on demand.
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Experience the top-rated EHR system without any interruption to your workflows or revenue

Easy to Use, Integrated & Customizable.

Customizable Templates
Large medical practices see a high volume of patients each day, making it essential to be able to quickly and accurately document patient encounters.

Customizable templates are a key EHR feature that can save time and improve efficiency by allowing healthcare providers to create personalized templates for different types of patient encounters. For example, a primary care physician may have a customized template for annual physicals, while a specialist may have a template for a specific condition. Customizable templates allow providers to quickly document the information they need while ensuring that important details are not overlooked.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics
Large medical practices generate an enormous amount of data, and it can be challenging to make sense of all that information.

Advanced reporting and analytics tools built into EHR systems can help practices identify trends and patterns that can inform decision-making. For example, practices can use these tools to track patient outcomes, monitor medication adherence, and identify areas where workflow improvements could be made. This data can be used to drive quality improvement initiatives, improve patient outcomes, and optimize operational efficiency.

Integration with Other Systems
Large medical practices often use a variety of different systems to manage their operations, from billing and scheduling to inventory and supply chain management.

Integrating EHR systems with these other systems can help practices streamline their operations, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. For example, integrating the EHR with the billing system can help ensure that claims are submitted correctly and paid promptly. Integrating with inventory management systems can help ensure that medical supplies are always in stock when needed. By integrating with other systems, EHRs can help large medical practices operate more smoothly and efficiently.

Efficiency Redefined: EHR Solutions Tailored for Large Medical Practices

Enterprise Grade Solution

Built-in specialty content, customizable workflows, patient portal, intelligent billing, and clearing house functionality with SMART dashboards and business intelligence reporting to help transform your operations and your bottom line.

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Reduce Cost

Optimize service quality by enhancing your workflow and patient experience, leading to better patient outcomes. CureMD EHR for large practices not only helps you get paid on time, it helps your practice thrive as your medical group grows.

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Optimize Operations with Specialty Workflow

CureMD Practice Management is an award-winning, enterprise class solution that streamlines clinical, administrative, and financial operations of care delivery organizations, enabling unprecedented collaboration, productivity, and service quality.

Optimize Operations with Specialty WorkFlow
All-in-One EHR
KPIs Reporting
& MU 3 Certified 
End-to-End Revenue
Cycle Management 

Template-driven point-and-click customizations allow quicker and better informed decision making while voice dictation and practice management integration ensure all your information is swiftly gathered and available across all locations and departments.

Less Screen Time. More Face Time.

Take faster and smarter actions with immediate access to crucial patient information right at the point of care! Our platform allows you to speed up clinical encounters with a range of flexible charting options, reusable order sets, and customizable templates. Plus, it's a breeze to share content and customizations between users, ensuring that new team members can get up to speed quickly and without missing any revenue for your practice.

  • Designed by Healthcare Providers
  • Quick Access to Patient Information
  • Automated Patient Reminders
  • Decision Support Tools
  • Efficient Documentation

Enhance Productivity with Mobile Access

Empower Large Medical Groups with CureMD’s Futuristic, User-Friendly EHR for large practices. Streamline Operations, Enhance Engagement, and Stay Ahead of the Curve.

Use Siri to dictate notes
Use Siri to
dictate notes
patient records
Create new patient records
and electronically prescribe
clinical details
Review clinical
capture documents and images
Capture documents
and images
Changes are automatically synced
Changes are
automatically synced
CureMD EHR drives practice performance and success

CureMD's EHR platform, based on cloud technology, facilitates the operations of your practice, promoting financial prosperity and redirecting attention towards patient care.

Specialty Specific EHR
Our EHR solution is designed to meet the specific needs of your practice, regardless of whether you specialize in primary care, pediatrics, OB-GYN, or another field.
Easy to Use
CureMD EHR is a user-friendly solution for efficient charting, prescription, and patient management. Its intuitive workflow simplifies the patient visit, while excluding unnecessary features.
Quality Initiative Reporting
CureMD Analytics provides detailed reporting features to streamline quality reporting, MACRA compliance, and population health management. It helps track progress towards quality goals and facilitates quality initiatives.

Accelerating Practices for Success with Award Winning EHR Specifically Made for Large Practices

  • A Better Technology Partner, at a Better Price
  • Simple Plans, Simple Pricing, No Contracts!
  • Designed and priced for medical practices. Everything you need in an EHR solution for an affordable price.
An Intelligent System Supporting Agencies Every Step of the Way

Gain a competitive edge with CureMD's centralized, web-based platform featuring powerful modules that result in higher revenues, better margins, and greater growth for your business.

Comprehensive Dashboard
CureMD's EHR has an easy-to-use dashboard for accessing important data, task lists for managing tasks, and a customizable calendar for managing appointments across multiple providers/resources.
Simple Charting
Simplifies and accelerates the process of creating patient encounter notes, allowing healthcare providers to document patient encounters efficiently and accurately.
Easy e-Prescribing
CureMD EHR enables electronic prescribing, streamlining the prescription process by sending prescriptions directly to the pharmacy, saving time for providers and staff while providing cost-effective medication options for patients.
Integrated Patient Portal
CureMD offers secure communication channels that allow healthcare providers to share medical records, billing information, and communicate with patients at any time.
Utilize our built-in tool for accurate Evaluation & Management CPT coding during patient encounters to maximize your practice revenues.
Electronic Eligibility
Automatically verifies eligibility in real-time before a scheduled appointment, providing up-to-date information on co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles.

Sophisticated Administrative Tools

Service-centric design helps front desk staff to perform tasks faster while maintaining an awesome patient experience.

Sophisticated administrative tools
e-Fax capability
e-Fax capability allows you to send and receive faxes without the need of a conventional fax machine.
multiple calendars for multiple providers
Create, maintain, and keep track of multiple calendars for multiple providers
and locations all at the
same time.
>Automated eligibility
Automated eligibility
can be verified in
real time prior to the appointments.
document manager
Use document manager to upload, view, and share patient documents
quickly and efficiently.
FAST Track Implementation & Personalized Training

FAST Track Implementation & Personalized Training

Dedicated implementation managers are assigned to ensure your implementation is fast, easy, and stress-free.

Training sessions are conducted by certified trainers who understand practice operations deeply and have experience taking dozens of similar-sized practices live.

Once the training and implementation is complete, you will still have the support of your implementation manager and the rest of the team to assist you after you “Go Live”.

A post implementation pre-support team is assigned to ensure that the quality of your implementation is up to your expectations and has achieved all of the goals set during project kickoff.
We Help You Run a Smarter Practice.
Intuitive Workflow

Customizable templates, macros, and accelerators to streamline documentation. Features like Pre-Encounter Prep and Focused Encounter reduce documentation time, enhancing efficiency and enabling medical groups to prioritize quality patient care.

Mobile Documentation

CureMD's mobile app provide physicians with seamless encounter documentation and mobile flexibility. The app supports customized macros, templates, and order sets, allowing physicians to document their work on-the-go.

Optimize Quality Performance

CureMD EHR system and quality performance team support healthcare providers under any reimbursement model, with flexible technology and regulatory compliance. Providers can prioritize patient care without worrying about keeping up with changes.

Regulatory compliance

CureMD EHR adheres to regulations like HIPAA, CEHRT, SAFER, and MACRA. The system includes technical safeguards to ensure compliance and security, and undergoes thorough security testing to protect patient privacy.

Industry Updates

CureMD tracks evolving reimbursement models, value-based care, and regulatory changes to ensure consistent compliance. This enables clinicians to focus on providing quality patient care without added burdens.

Advanced technologies

Our systems are designed to be efficient by incorporating cutting-edge technologies like data analytics (for diagnostic assistance), blockchain (for secure medical data exchange), AI (for medication prescription and more), and other innovative solutions.

Real time Patient Insights

CureMD EMR for large practices provides real-time patient data and insights integrated into standard workflows, saving time and improving patient care.


Our integrated telemedicine solution enables secure and convenient communication with patients anytime, anywhere.


Our software is developed in accordance with healthcare information exchange standards such as HL7, FHIR, and XDS/XDS-I to enable effortless communication with other healthcare IT systems.

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