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Best Medical Billing Software Companies

When choosing medical billing software, it's important to consider the needs of your medical practice. The best medical billing software manages schedules, automatically enters patient information & has scrubbing features that improve insurance acceptance rates. Top programs include reports & analytics that allow you to evaluate the health of your practice.

We reviewed the top medical billing software solutions to help you determine which one is best for your practice.

  • Rxnt – Best Billing Software for Usability
  • Dr Chrono – Best Billing Software for Great Customer Support
  • CureMD – Best for Features, Support and Cost Effective
  • NextGen Best Medical Billing Software for Small Business
  • Compulink – Best Billing System with Customizable Features


RXNT's integrated suite of ONC-ACB certified EHR, Practice Management and Billing software are designed to help clinics generate more revenue. The company has a transparent pricing structure with free setup & training for providers as well data transfer included at no additional cost. This means they can focus on what really matters. Providing quality care while also making sure your wallet doesn't hurt from all those extra expenses.

The cloud-based iOS/Android mobile apps are the best way for patients to stay on top of their medical schedule, no matter where they're at. They'll also have access for online appointments from anywhere in a few seconds with just one click of an app. You can tackle your healthcare challenges from anywhere. Thanks to the dedicated US teams working together towards solving them.

2. DrChrono

With the help of DrChrono's iPad and iPhone compatible medical billing software healthcare providers can now manage patient intake as well as clinical charting. This includes customizable medical forms that are extremely easy to use for any professional looking at them without having expertise in coding or billing.

The DrChrono medical billing software and medical billing services for small practices gives medical professionals the tools they need to keep track of patients in an easy-to-use, customizable interface. With fully baked form templates or prebuilt documents available on your device, it's possible for you and every other member of the staff can look at one patient record simultaneously - no more spreadsheets.

3. CureMD

The cloud-based medical scheduling software from CureMD is ideal for medical practices of all sizes. It features an integrated EHR, practice management system, and revenue cycle services that make it easy to keep track of your patients progress, while maximizing payment.

With CureMD revenue cycle management services, physicians can share their patient's prescriptions with the nearest drug store. The electronic prescription feature connects thousands of pharmacies across America which is great for everyone because they'll have more options when picking up medicine.

4. NextGen

NextGen Healthcare is a company that provides the Next Generation Office-a cloud-based medical billing system for private practices. This product includes specialty-specific content and functions, along with an easy patient portal to help keep your patients safe from harm in all aspects of their medical care while you're on duty.

NextGen billing solution provides a seamless experience for providers and patients by allowing them to communicate more efficiently. Next-generation features include MIPS reporting/dashboards, automating insurance eligibility empowers the patient with scheduling appointments or requesting refills while connecting care teams through direct messaging options that allow referrals between each other without having to go through an administrator first.

Increase Revenue and Reduce Administrative Burden with Our Billing Software

Our medical billing software is designed to simplify the billing process for healthcare practices of all sizes. Our user-friendly platform allows you to submit claims, manage denials, and receive payments quickly and easily.

With CureMD medical billing software, you can seamlessly link to your preferred HIPAA compliant applications. You can merge it with your EHR, create a custom API integration, or transfer HL7 data. Moreover, it uploads the finished intake forms into your patients' charts automatically.

Improve Collections While Accelerating Cash Flow

CureMD provides a seamless, efficient medical billing software that allows you to address all of your billing needs in one place. With our integrated medical billing system, you can focus more on providing patient care and less time spent on maintaining paper records.

Increase Profitability

Save time and accelerate reimbursement procedures with our streamlined system. Improve your practice's collections process by using proven billing and collection technology to find payment as soon as possible.

Improve Efficiency

We automate time-consuming tasks across the revenue cycle, such as generating claims and running reports. Our medical practice management software solutions are perfect for practices that need to save every minute of their day.

Analytics & Reporting

Real-time reporting at your fingertips. Our physician billing software quickly displays data in easy-to-customized formats, so you can see the metrics that matter the most to your business.

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality

We know how hard it is to keep up with the ever-changing demands of modern medical practice management. Which can be a significant barrier if you're not equipped. That's why CureMD offers cutting-edge solutions that will allow your office or clinic to stay ahead in this fast-paced industry. We provide easy-to-access tools designed specifically for small and large practices.

  • ✔   Minimize Paperwork, Manual Work, and Errors

  • ✔   Improve Patient Care with Payment Ease

  • ✔   Patient Scheduling and Automated Reminders Will Help You Optimize Your Appointment Density.

  • ✔   With our secure system, you can share medical records and communicate with patients securely at any time.

  • ✔   You will be able to track all claims comprehensively and quickly point out errors so that they can be fixed on the spot for faster reimbursement.

A/R Reduction
Scheduled Appointments
+ Million
Claims Processed Annually
+ Billion
All of the Features You Expect And More.

Claim Submission

Cleaner claims get you paid faster. We help you in spending less time chasing down payments by sending them through our system.

Denial Resolution

With CureMD you'll always have a clear view of your denied and non-response claims status through out your organization.

EHR Integration

Our billing software can smoothly be integrated with your electronic health record.

Batch Payments

The easiest way to record payments from multiple claims at once is with our easy-to use interface.

Rules Engine

Our automated billing rules make sure you're always paid on time in full, without any costly errors.


Our software verifies insurance eligibility and patient details in less time than ever before.

Quick Support

Whether it's a question about your claim status or billing issues. We are here to support you at any time.

Centralized Billing

Our medical billing solutions allow providers to manage all users and locations within the organization without multiple logins.


We integrated our billing system with medical scheduling software, which will make your life easier by streamlining front-office tasks.

Data Migration

Transferring data from paper or your previous software is extremely easy and convenient. Our highly experienced staff will help you throughout the process.


Our web-based medical billing software system is assessable from anywhere and anytime on any device.


With this new technology. You will be able to automatically post electronic remittance advice (ERAS) for patients.

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Award Winning Technology for 32+ Specialties
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Centralized A/R Management System
We help you manage your A/R days by providing a comprehensive end-to-end claim tracking solution. Your smart checks and balanced workflows are all built right into the system so that you can spend more time on patient care.
Intuitive Billing Analytics
Monitor your financial health by accessing our easy-to-use reporting and dashboard. Our easy-to access reporting will let you take a look at all of the information in one place.
Easy and Accurate Charge Capture
With CureMD, you can eliminate lost or missed charges and get your billing started right away.
A Powerful Billing Application
Our integrated all-in-one medical billing software can help your medical team manage claims, boost collections, set up A/R, and run reports.
What Our Clients Says

Dr. Olga Leonardi

Manhattan Endocrinologist

CureMD enables me to access patient records anywhere, anytime. I recommend CureMD to other physicians because it's well thought out.

Dr. Margaret Safo

Margarest Safo MD

CureMD has saved my medical practice. Without CureMD, I don't know where my practice would be today. I've had a long-term relationship with them and I love it!

Dr. Seth Keller

Heart Rhythm Associates of NY

I love CureMD because it is customizable, allows you to have easy access and someone is always there to help you.


A happy customer is a reward in itself. Still, there is nothing like being recognized by your peers for doing a good job.

#1 Practice Management & EHR

Ambulatory Small Practice PM/EMR (2-10 Physicians)

#1 PM 2015/2016

#1 Small Practice PM (1-10 Physicians) 2015/2016

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White Coat of Quality Award


Capterra's Top 20


CureMD has pursued and obtained widely recognized certifications for our processes and systems that ensure we meet and
exceed all client and industry requirements in the areas of quality, security and technology.

SureScripts Certified

SureScripts Certified

Gold Quality Solution

Gold Quality Solution



CMS 5010 Certified

CMS 5010 Certified

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Healthcare providers need affordable and functional medical coding software technology to remain competitive in this ever-changing industry.CureMD offers a flexible pricing plan for your unique practice needs. Please fill out the form below to find the detailed pricing plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Billing Software

What is CureMD Medical Billing Software, and why do I need it?
CureMD Medical Billing Software is a digital solution designed to streamline the process of billing and managing healthcare claims. It helps healthcare providers accurately code services, submit claims to insurance companies, and track payments. It's essential for ensuring efficient revenue cycle management, reducing errors, and optimizing financial performance.
How does CureMD Medical Billing Software improve revenue management?
CureMD Medical Billing Software enhances revenue management by automating billing processes, reducing claim denials, and accelerating payment cycles. It helps healthcare providers identify and rectify billing errors, improve coding accuracy, and increase overall revenue.
Is CureMD Medical Billing Software compliant with healthcare regulations like HIPAA?
Yes, CureMD Medical Billing Software prioritizes compliance with healthcare regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It incorporates security features like data encryption and access controls to protect patient information.
Can CureMD Medical Billing Software integrate with my existing electronic health record (EHR) system?
CureMD Medical Billing Software offers integration with EHR systems to create a seamless workflow. This integration allows for efficient transfer of patient and billing data, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors.
How does CureMD Medical Billing Software handle insurance claims?
CureMD Medical Billing Software generates and submits insurance claims electronically to insurance companies, reducing paperwork and delays. It can also track the status of claims, handle denials, and resubmit rejected claims for processing.
Can I customize CureMD Medical Billing Software to suit my practice's needs?
CureMD Medical Billing Software offers customization options to adapt to the specific requirements of your healthcare practice. You can configure billing codes, reports, and workflows to align with your practice's unique needs.
What kind of support and training are provided with CureMD Medical Billing Software?
CureMD Medical Billing Software providers typically offer comprehensive training and support. This may include initial software training for your staff, ongoing technical support, and access to resources like user manuals and online knowledge bases.

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