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House Call EHR Ready to use. Easy to customize.

Compassionate Care

Care Plan Oversight

CureMD’s Care Plan Oversight system allows users to easily document Care Plan Oversight services provided to their patients. Once that is documented by the user, it is immediately available for management to view in the Care Plan Oversight approval module. If the management approves, it is automatically transferred to the billing team where CureMD’s automatic charge creation feature helps in billing these services smoothly.

  • Care Plan Oversight coding module
  • Care Plan Oversight approval module
  • Automatic Charge Creation from Note
  • Effortless tracking and reporting

Employee Reimbursement

CureMD has a great employee reimbursement tool for House Call practices. It allows each user to put in their daily work hours, mileage and toll. In addition to this, each provider’s reimbursement is calculated based on their patient charges.

Easy payroll processing of:

  • - Provider Reimbursement
  • - Mileage Reimbursement
  • - Toll Reimbursement
  • Individually configure reimbursement rates for all your providers
  • Document holiday, vacation and over time
  • Electronically maintain your current and past payroll records in your EHR

Demographics customized for House Call

CureMD has upgraded their standard demographics screen to incorporate house call specific information. You will be able to enter appropriate Agency data directly on the demographics screen. We have also built customized reports around this data to make it easy for users to find the information they need.

  • Home Health Agency
  • Referral Agency
  • Facility Information
  • Customized Reporting

Appointment Monthly Budgeting

CureMD’s Enterprise Scheduling contains a very useful Monthly Budgeting feature for House Call practices. An administrator defines the budgets for each provider by specifying how many patients the provider is supposed to visit on each day of the month. Based on this, a Provider Utilization report can be generated detailing exactly how much of the provider’s time is being effectively utilized.

  • Configure Scheduling targets for all providers
  • Built in Provider Utilization report
  • Improve scheduling workflows
  • Maximize the utilization of your providers

Order Entry

CureMD has designed its CPOE components with Ease of Use in mind for House Call practices. The Procedure Order component has a revised interface which makes it easy to select procedure codes for House Call. There are also components available for entering lab, radiology and other orders. CureMD’s Order Tracking feature makes it easy for practices to organize all these tests. You will be able to keep track of when these orders were input, when they were sent and when the patient was notified.

  • Customized Order entry for Home Care
  • Lab Orders
  • Procedure Orders
  • Radiology Orders
  • DME Orders
  • Specialty Orders
  • Home Health Orders
  • Order Tracking module

Customized Encounter Notes

CureMD’s Encounter Note templates have been created to make documentation painless for House Call practices. Further, our built-in advanced template editor makes it possible for users to modify and customize their forms and templates to their exact requirement.

  • Create customized templates with advanced template editor
  • Document Functional, Psychosocial, and other House Call related characteristics with ease
  • House Call specific Physical Exam and Review of Systems templates

Charge Approval

Practice Administrators will now have complete access to review/modify/approve charges created from their provider’s Superbill. CureMD’s integrated Charge Approval screen will ensure that billing is done correctly and that coding errors are kept to a minimum.

  • Review / Modify / Approve all created charges before they are billed
  • Minimize Coding Errors
  • Increase Revenue




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