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Unlock Better Patient Results with an Integrated Gastroenterology EHR

Empower Gastroenterologists with Efficient EMR Software for Enhanced Patient Care and Team Productivity.

SureScripts Certified
SureScripts Certified
SureScripts Certified
SureScripts Certified

CureMD Gastroenterology EHR is integrated with practice management, patient portal, document imaging, e-prescriptions and lab interfacing to allow unprecedented functionality mix and flexibility; addressing your day to day challenges. The system provides comprehensive exam templates specifically designed for use in Gastroenterology that include electronic charts, physical examinations and review of systems.


The ONE that's intuitive.

CureMD Gastroenterology EHR is the most advanced yet easy to use software for your practice. We makes charting, prescribing, coding, and managing patients easy. We organizes patient visits in one place. It has everything you need, without unnecessary extras.

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality
On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality


The one designed with you in mind.

Our library of templates is ready to use and designed for your practice. They match your specific needs, whether you're a single Gastroenterology or multi- specialty practice. The templates make it easier for you to follow rules and guidelines, ensuring accurate patient visits and reducing denials.


The ONE absolutely accessible software solution.

Gastroenterologist can work from anywhere and at any time by using your computer or iPad to access electronic health records stored in the cloud.

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality
On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality


Seamless Medical Billing Integration.

CureMD's Gastroenterology EHR is designed to work smoothly with our medical billing platform. It helps you manage everything from patient check-in to check-out, billing to claim submission, and scheduling to follow- up. You can easily see visits, audits, and financial information all in one place. With everything accessible and organized, your practice becomes more efficient and profitable.

A Comprehensive Suite of Features for Seamless Practice Workflow

Simplify your work with our software's helpful features. Enhance efficiency, focus on patients, and increase work productivity.

Physical Exam

Doctors have ready-to-use templates for physical exams. They include drawings to help gastroenterologists comment, import images, and review information quickly.

Endoscopy Management

The Document and Image management module lets gastroenterologists upload scans, x-rays, and images showing endoscopic diagnoses.

Device Interoperability

The system can connect with medical devices to transfer clinical data automatically and smoothly into the electronic health record (EHR) system.

Recalls & Reminders

The system allows for the automatic generation of reminders, recall notices, and follow-up letters without manual intervention.

Risk Management

The built-in feature of adverse drug event reporting/alerts enables you to manage risks associated with allergies, food and patient medication.


You can choose to electronically send prescriptions and refill requests using fax, email, or other digital methods available online.

Patient Education

Use standard tools and knowledge base to provide preventive care, manage diseases, share drug information, and educate patients.

E&M Coding Assistance

Ensure maximum payments and avoid missing charges by utilizing automatic service level calculations and directly entering charges into the system.

Electronic Superbill

To reduce accounts receivable (A/R) time and increase reimbursements, you can send Superbills electronically directly to the payer for billing purposes.

Lab Orders & Results

CureMD connects with labs through HL7 to electronically send and receive orders/results, simplifying decision-making with automated analysis and tracking.

Enterprise Messaging

Use electronic communication to connect with patients, providers, and staff. Assign tasks, set reminders, and share notes within your organization.

Data Mining Reports

CureMD reports use data to enhance patient health, reduce costs, and analyze diseases and services. Share online or export as Word, Excel, or PDF.

premises medical solution
Seamless success: the EHR designed for independents
  • Endoscopy Integration

  • ICD-10 Compliant

  • Referral Management

  • Customizable Reporting

  • Medication Management

  • Integrated Clinical Decision Support

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Gastrointestinal Disorders (Treatment Procedures)

Take the #1 Gastroenterology EHR System Wherever You Go

CureMD's Mobile app works on both iOS and Android phones, allowing you to access your schedule and patient data from anywhere with an Internet connection. Whether you're in your office, at a conference, or at home, you can easily search patient records and make phone calls right from your smartphone. It's convenient and accessible wherever you are.

Our gastroenterology EHR mobile app can let you view:

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Patient demographics and search results
  • Visit and chart notes
  • Procedures
  • Account Receivables Management
  • Secondary Insurance Billing
  • Incoming Patient Calls
  • Posting of Insurance and Patient Payments
  • Extensive Insurance Follow Up
  • Patient Statement Processing and Mailing
  • Denial Review and Management
  • Appeal of all Denied or Low Paid Claims
  • Management Reports

Empowering Gastroenterology Practices with Transformative Support

Succeed in Gastroenterology by providing excellent patient care efficiently and getting paid on time. Our Gastroenterology EMR, medical billing, and patient engagement solutions improve staff efficiency, encourage patients to come back, and help you improve collections.

Charting Made Easy and Fast

Easily keep track of and record information using a specialized electronic medical record (EMR) system made specifically for gastroenterology.

Efficient Practice Management

Simplify administrative tasks with streamlined features: scheduling, automated reminders, follow-ups, patient education sharing, and more.

Integrated Billing Software

Stay updated on billing regulations with CureMD. Improve payment collection through integrated EHR, reducing errors and saving time.

Overcome Patient Volume Challenges with Ease

Keeping a steady flow of patients can be difficult with regular scheduling software. CureMD's automated messaging and patient self-scheduling feature enhance patient-practice relationships and increase the number of visits.

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality
On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality

Empower Yourself with Data-Driven Insights

Utilize the transformative potential of data-driven insights to drive informed decisions and enhance patient outcomes. Our EHR software empowers you with valuable analytics, enabling you to unlock the power of data and make proactive choices for improved patient care.

What Our Customers Says

"CureMD has proven to be a streamlined and easy-to-use EMR for our offices. As a large public health department, CureMD has met our needs as we shifted diverse clinical services with unique billing considerations into a fully electronic medical record platform."

Patricia High, Assistant Public Health Coordinator

Ready to elevate your practice?

Schedule an online demo to experience how our user-friendly EHR designed for Gastroenterologists can make your practice more efficient. Our EHR Consultants will be there to answer your questions and assist you in evaluating your specific requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can CureMD's Gastroenterology EHR integrate seamlessly with any existing workflow and systems?
Yes, CureMD's Gastroenterology EHR is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current workflow and systems, ensuring a smooth transition.
Does CureMD's Gastroenterology EHR provide templates and customization options for gastroenterology-specific documentation?
Absolutely, CureMD offers a comprehensive library of templates and customizable options tailored specifically for gastroenterology documentation needs.
Can CureMD's Gastroenterology EHR assist with endoscopy report management and image integration?
Yes, CureMD's EHR facilitates seamless endoscopy report management and image integration, enhancing comprehensive patient records and analysis.
How does CureMD's Gastroenterology EHR support medication management and drug interaction checks?
CureMD's EHR includes robust medication management features, including drug interaction checks, dosage adjustments, and automated prescription renewal requests.
Can CureMD's Gastroenterology EHR help streamline the referral process and improve communication with referring providers?
Yes, CureMD's EHR enables efficient referral management, facilitating electronic referral sending and receiving, enhancing communication and collaboration.
Does CureMD's Gastroenterology EHR offer comprehensive reporting and analytics tools for practice performance evaluation?
Absolutely, CureMD's EHR provides customizable reporting and analytics capabilities, empowering you to gain insights into patient outcomes and practice performance.
Is Gastroenterology EHR compatible with mobile devices for convenient access on-the-go?
Yes, Gastroenterology EHR includes a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices, ensuring convenient access to patient data and schedules anytime, anywhere.

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