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CureMD Family Practice EHR is a unique solution that serves to be a system of systems with integrated practice management, document imaging, electronic prescription, device interoperability, interfacing with participating labs for electronic orders and results management, fax management and workflow editors for individual subspecialties focusing on:

  • Disease Prevention and Promotion of Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Treatment of Common Problems (Ears, Eyes, Skin)
  • Nervous System
  • Reproductive Organs

The system enables primary care physicians to expedite service delivery and conserve time and effort while they check their patients at clinics, during hospital rounds, intensive care as well as in nursing homes etc.

Workflow Editor: You can document patient encounters faster with personalized workflows and practice style implementation.

Auto Note: Simply point and click the required information for accurately capturing data and transactions in your predefined format.

Clinical Overview: The system provides longitudinal summary of patient history, trends and alerts on a single screen.

Referral Management: Manage referrals and electronically transmit consultation letters to referring providers.

Computerized Physician Order Entry: Electronic orders and results management for labs, procedures and radiology enable you to work more efficiently and make swift, well informed and confident decisions.

E-prescription: You can electronically transmit prescriptions and refill requests online.

Document Imaging: Capture, scan and attach paper charts, clinical images, photographs, x-rays and medical drawings directly into the electronic chart.

Template Driven Physical Exams: Predefined templates are available for conducting physical exams on any part of the body. These templates also include medical drawings that enable physicians to comment and import images to visualize the patient’s clinical condition in an appropriate way.

Interfacing: With labs, hospitals, and devices extends system’s flexibility, while optimizing practices for efficiency and maximum productivity.

E&M Coding Optimization: Maximize payments and eliminate missed charges through automatic service level calculations and direct charge entry.

Integrated KnowledgeBase: The system delivers knowledge when and where required through integrated knowledge base, decision support system; evidence based best practices, clinical guidelines and alerting system.

KPI Dashboards: User defined dashboards graphically display your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Right Remit (Denial Management): Optimize insurance remittance through built-in comparison reports of your contractual and remitted amounts.

Enterprise Messaging: Electronically communicate with your patients, participating providers and staff. Assign tasks, reminders and notes to users within your practice. Associate patients with tasks, signify follow-up dates and allocate responsibilities to staff.

Data Mining Reports: Analyze population-wide disease patterns and service utilization with advanced data mining reports.


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