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CureMD Pediatric EHR enhances patient care through comprehensive, accessible patient records, enabling informed decisions for improved outcomes.

SureScripts Certified
SureScripts Certified
SureScripts Certified
SureScripts Certified

CureMD All-in-One Pediatrics EHR is the perfect solution for pediatricians who would like to treat their patients as children and not “little adults”. Our suite of Progress note templates, Automated Growth Charts, ePrescribing, Reports and Immunization modules streamline clinical workflows. Integrated Practice Management System enables the front office and revenue cycle management staff to perform at their best in all administrative and financial aspects. All things considered, CureMD Pediatrics is the best EMR nationwide at delivering both unparalleled automation and simplified workflows.


The ONE that's intuitive.

The software enables you create and maintain a complete family profile. This allows for one-click access to linked charts and a host of other useful features throughout the system. Redundant data entry is eliminated with functionalities such as automated demographics imports for sibling charts. CureMD Scheduling utilizes the family profile for brisk Group Scheduling.

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality
On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality


Growth Charts

Automated Growth charts eliminate the hassle associated with maintaining them manually. Options for both CDC and WHO Chart templates are available out of the box. Clinical Calculators (e.g. for BMI/BSA) enable the system to plot all charts without any human intervention.


Clinical Encounters

A complete library of pediatrics templates enable structured documentation for Sick Visit. Periodic Well Visit notes complete with age-specific development screening coupled with order sets make short work of clinical encounter documentation.

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality
On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality


Custom Screening Questionnaires

Early Screening for Autism, ADHD and other Behavioral health issues can be done through CureMD’s screening questionnaires. All questionnaires come integrated with the progress notes. Results of these questionnaires can be shared with all relevant stakeholders electronically. All elements on these forms can be customized using our built-in template editor.

A Comprehensive Suite of Features for Seamless Practice Workflow

CureMD Pediatric EHR streamlines your tasks with its beneficial functionalities. Elevate efficiency, prioritize patient care, and boost overall productivity.

Immunization Excellence

Stay on top of immunization schedules effortlessly with automated reminders and real-time tracking, ensuring every child receives timely vaccinations.

Smart Appointment Scheduler

Seamlessly manage well-child visits and follow-ups with our intuitive scheduler, supporting recurring appointments and reducing administrative hassle.

Specialized Templates

Tailor your documentation with our extensive library of pediatric templates, designed to simplify charting and ensure comprehensive data capture.

Medication Precision

Safely manage pediatric prescriptions and allergies, with age and weight-based dosing calculations for accurate medication administration.

Parent Portal Connection

Empower parents and guardians with secure access to their child's health records, test results, and direct communication with providers through our intuitive portal.

Virtual Pediatric Care

Enable telemedicine consultations and virtual follow-ups for pediatric patients, providing flexible care options that prioritize both health and convenience.

Child Welfare Reporting

Fulfill child abuse reporting obligations with ease, integrated seamlessly into our system to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Data Security

CureMD prioritizes the privacy and security of pediatric health information, implementing robust measures to meet HIPAA regulations.

Personalized Customization

Adapt templates, workflows, and data fields to align with your unique pediatric practice requirements, ensuring a tailored EHR experience.

Continuity of Care

Transition pediatric records seamlessly as children move into adult healthcare, preserving a continuous health history for enhanced patient care.

premises medical solution
Innovative Insights: Navigating the Best Pediatrics EHR
  • Patient privacy

  • Seamless Integaration

  • Child-specific drug dosing

  • Vaccine reminders & tracking

  • Screening & surveillance tools

  • Custom forms for infants, & adolescents

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Take the #1 Pediatrics EHR System Wherever You Go

The CureMD's Best Mobile EMR app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, granting you access to schedules and patient information anywhere there's an Internet connection. Whether you're at the office, a conference, or home, patient records retrieval and phone calls are hassle-free, enhancing accessibility.

Our Pediatric EHR mobile app can let you view:

  • Enterprise scheduling
  • DICOM Imaging
  • Patient Education
  • Daily Backup
  • Clinical alerts
  • Clinical knowledgebase
  • Credit card processing
  • Text messaging
  • Workflow management
  • KPI dashboards
  • Device connectivity
  • Gold Certified e-Rx
  • Data mining reports
  • e-Labs & e-Fax

Transforming Child Healthcare by Navigating the Best Solutions

Enhance your practice by delivering top-notch patient care with efficiency and ensuring timely payments. Our comprehensive pediatric EMR, medical billing, and patient engagement tools boost staff productivity, foster patient loyalty, and elevate your revenue collection efforts.

Seamless Workflow Enhancement

CureMD EMR streamlines your practice operations, enabling efficient patient management, simplified documentation, and automated administrative tasks. This leads to optimized workflows, reduced errors, and more focused patient care.

Integrated Medical Billing

With CureMD EMR's integrated medical billing capabilities, you can ensure accurate and timely reimbursement. The seamless connection between clinical documentation and billing processes minimizes claim denials, maximizes revenue, and minimizes administrative burdens.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

CureMD EMR promotes active patient involvement through secure communication, appointment reminders, and easy access to health information. This fosters stronger patient-provider relationships, encourages proactive health management, and contributes to improved patient outcomes.

Empowering Busy Parents: Tools for Engaging in Your Child's Healthcare

Engage parents via a secure, mobile-friendly portal for online access to their child's health information. The portal offers text, email, and voice features, allowing appointment scheduling, bill payment, and minimizing phone calls. Utilize patient messaging to enhance front office efficiency, decrease no-shows, and provide appointment reminders, procedure instructions, immunization alerts, and well-child visit scheduling.

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality
On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality

Empower Yourself with Data-Driven Insights

We enable you to convert your practice's data into actionable insights for enhanced efficiency and revenue growth. Employ dashboards for monitoring value-based care outcomes, creating efficient processes, pinpointing care gaps across various parameters, and tailoring financial analytics. Uncover insights from non-standard measures, support group reporting, and address all EHR-based requirements.

What Our Clients Says

Dr. Olga Leonardi

Manhattan Endocrinologist

CureMD enables me to access patient records anywhere, anytime. I recommend CureMD to other physicians because it's well thought out.

Dr. Margaret Safo

Margarest Safo MD

CureMD has saved my medical practice. Without CureMD, I don't know where my practice would be today. I've had a long-term relationship with them and I love it!

Dr. Seth Keller

Heart Rhythm Associates of NY

I love CureMD because it is customizable, allows you to have easy access and someone is always there to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CureMD Pediatric EMR software?
CureMD Pediatric EMR software is a specialized digital solution designed exclusively for pediatric healthcare providers. It enables the electronic management of patient records, medical histories, appointments, prescriptions, and other essential clinical data, streamlining pediatric practice operations.
What advantages does CureMD Pediatric EHR offer for my practice?
CureMD Pediatric EHR offers multiple advantages, including enhanced record accuracy, quicker access to patient information, simplified prescription management, automated appointment scheduling, growth tracking, and developmental milestone monitoring.
Is CureMD Pediatric EMR Software customizable to suit my practice's needs?
Yes, CureMD Pediatric EMR software is customizable, allowing you to tailor the solution to match your pediatric practice's unique workflows, templates, and specialties, ensuring an optimal fit for your requirements.
Is CureMD Pediatric EHR software compliant with healthcare regulations and standards?
Yes, CureMD Pediatric EMR is designed to comply with healthcare regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to safeguard patient data privacy and security, providing you with peace of mind.
Does CureMD Pediatric EMR assist in immunization tracking?
Absolutely, CureMD Pediatric EMR includes features for accurate immunization tracking and vaccination records. It helps ensure that immunizations are up to date and provides timely reminders for upcoming vaccinations.
How does CureMD Pediatric EMR handle growth tracking and developmental milestones?
CureMD Pediatric EMR comes equipped with growth charts and tools to monitor developmental milestones. It empowers providers to track crucial measurements like height, weight, and head circumference, enabling comprehensive growth assessment.
Can CureMD Pediatric EMR be used for telehealth appointments?
Yes, CureMD Pediatric EMR seamlessly integrates telehealth capabilities, facilitating virtual appointments and consultations with pediatric patients. This feature is especially beneficial for follow-up visits and minor health concerns.
Is CureMD Pediatric EMR user-friendly for my staff?
CureMD Pediatric EMR is designed with user-friendliness as a priority. Its intuitive interface, easy navigation, and streamlined features minimize the learning curve for your staff, ensuring efficient utilization.
What type of training and support is available for CureMD Pediatric EMR?
CureMD Pediatric EMR offers comprehensive training and support services to aid in successful software implementation. Your staff will have access to training sessions, user guides, and customer support channels to ensure a seamless transition and ongoing assistance.

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