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The Secure and HIPAA-Compliant OBGYN EHR Software You Can Trust

Manage patient care and monitor their well-being using adaptable forms, limitless referral attachments, and seamless integration with your laboratory, pharmacy, and imaging facilities at no extra cost.

SureScripts Certified
SureScripts Certified
SureScripts Certified
SureScripts Certified

CureMD OBGYN EHR is integrated with enterprise practice management system to become a glove fit solution for obstetricians enabling them to digitize every process in their practice operation including the gestational age, prenatal details, OBGYN history, e-prescriptions, interface with labs for orders / results management, physical exams, ultrasound and images integration.

Track Important Details During a Pregnancy

Enhance Patient Experience

CureMD OBGYN EMR software offers comprehensive prenatal flowsheets aligned with ACOG standards, an antepartum record, and an OB management list to facilitate the meticulous recording and tracking of crucial pregnancy milestones. It empowers you to monitor a patient's medical status across time.

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality
On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality

Quick Charting Suited To Your Needs

Tailored Clinical Tools for Effortless Charting

CureMD OBGYN EMR software comes equipped with pre-configured notes and templates tailored to the needs of obstetricians and gynecologists. It enables you to chart and code preventive care procedures like IUD insertion and PAP test screenings with efficiency.

OBGYN Focused View

Interdisciplinary Care Team Collaboration

CureMD OBGYN EMR software enhances the user experience by combining robust functionality with user-friendly design. It provides a comprehensive view of patient data on a single screen, offering easy access to appointment history, documents, imaging orders, lab orders, current medications, and medical history.

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality
On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality

Patient Portal

Tailored Clinical Tools for Effortless Charting

CureMD OBGYN EMR software features an advanced patient portal that empowers patients to schedule or reschedule appointments and check appointment availability. Patients can also receive appointment reminders and alerts directly from your office. The portal grants access to personal medical records, including current medications, the ability to request refills, access lab results, view diagnoses, and more.

Fully Customized

Interdisciplinary Care Team Collaboration

By using CureMD OBGYN EMR software, you gain the advantage of tailoring your EHR platform to your specific needs and streamlining repetitive tasks, eliminating redundancy, and simplifying data collection and reporting. The seamless connectivity between your practice and various entities such as labs, radiology, pharmacies, and referring physicians has demonstrated significant time and resource savings.

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality
Empower your healthcare providers to focus on patient care, reduce charting time, and enhance efficiency with our comprehensive women's health OBGYN EHR, practice management, and mobile solutions, ultimately boosting practice growth.

42%reduction in administrative tasks

18%decrease in time spent on chart retrieval

64%improvement in care coordination

Prenatal Details

Accurately document fetal heart rate, blood pressure, weight gain, protein, glucose, and more, throughout the patient’s pregnancy visits.

OB/GYN History

Record your patient’s past medical, social, genetic, family, and obstetric history.

E&M Coding for Obstetricians

Integrated OB / GYN E&M codes to eliminate missed charges, ensure compliance and accurate service level billing.

Sonography Reports

Print sonography reports by importing the ultrasound images and results.

Electronic Orders and Results

Interface with labs to electronically transmit orders and receive results. Simplify decisions with automated flagging of abnormal results, analyze, track and trend results.

Enterprise Scheduling

A single, seamless interface optimizes resource utilization and appointment management across multiple locations, physicians, nurses and equipment.

Patient Portal

Facilitates your patients to securely request appointments and refills online, receive test results as they become available, utilize educational material and update their health status.

E&M Coding Assistance

Ensure maximum payments and avoid missing charges by utilizing automatic service level calculations and directly entering charges into the system.

premises medical solution
Seamless success: the EHR designed for independents
  • Endoscopy Integration

  • ICD-10 Compliant

  • Referral Management

  • Customizable Reporting

  • Medication Management

  • Integrated Clinical Decision Support

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Take the #1 Ob/Gyn EHR System Wherever You Go

CureMD Ob/Gyn EMR software, known as ObGyn-Cloud, is purpose-built for obstetricians, gynecologists, and women's health nurse practitioners. It seamlessly integrates all facets of your practice, from appointment scheduling to revenue cycle management, within a unified, cloud-based platform. This accessible system is available 24/7, ensuring you can use it from anywhere with an internet connection, be it from home, the hospital, or any remote location.

Our Ob/Gyn EHR mobile app can let you view:

  • ACOG Forms
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • OB/GYN Specific Follow Up Visit
  • Initial Obstetric Exam
  • OB/GYN Specific Physical Exam
  • Incontinence
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Image Annotation
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Kiosk
  • Inventory Management
  • Infertility

Empowering Gynecologists for Optimal Healthcare

Empower your gynecological practice with top-tier patient care and timely payments. Our Gynecology EMR, medical billing solutions, and patient engagement technologies streamline operations, foster patient retention, and optimize financial outcomes.

Powerful Clinical Tools

CureMD Ob/Gyn EMR software enhances note-taking with macros and speech-to-text features, facilitates test ordering and monitoring on iOS devices, and securely shares results via a HIPAA-compliant patient portal.

Patient Engagement & Education

CureMD Ob/Gyn EMR software enables patients to fill out forms, schedule appointments, and make payments online through the On-Patient Portal on iPads, iPhones, or web platforms.

Integrated Insurance & Billing

CureMD Ob/Gyn EMR software accelerates reimbursements with a 48-hour turnaround on rejected and denied claims, offering both in-house billing and access to a dedicated 24/7 specialized OB/GYN team.

What Our Customers Says

CureMD has proven to be a streamlined and easy-to-use EMR for our offices. As a large public health department, CureMD has met our needs as we shifted diverse clinical services with unique billing considerations into a fully electronic medical record platform.

Patricia High, Assistant Public Health Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CureMD Ob/Gyn EMR software?
CureMD Ob/Gyn EMR software is a specialized electronic medical records solution tailored for obstetricians, gynecologists, and women's health practitioners. It streamlines practice management, enhances clinical documentation, and offers tools designed to meet the unique needs of OB/GYN practices.
Is CureMD Ob/Gyn EMR software compliant with healthcare regulations?
Yes, CureMD Ob/Gyn EMR software adheres to strict healthcare regulations, including HIPAA compliance, ensuring the security and privacy of patient data.
Can I customize templates and forms to match my practice's unique needs?
Absolutely! CureMD Ob/Gyn EMR software provides customizable templates and forms, allowing you to tailor the system to your specific practice requirements.
Does the software support telemedicine for virtual patient consultations?
Yes, CureMD Ob/Gyn EMR software offers telemedicine capabilities, enabling OB/GYNs to conduct virtual patient consultations while maintaining HIPAA compliance.
How does the software assist with billing and revenue management?
CureMD Ob/Gyn EMR software streamlines billing processes and can be used for in-house billing or outsourced to a specialized OB/GYN billing team, helping practices maximize reimbursements.
What support and training options are available for users?
CureMD provides comprehensive training and customer support for users. This includes onboarding training, ongoing technical assistance, and access to resources to help users make the most of the software.
Can I access CureMD Ob/Gyn EMR software remotely?
Yes, CureMD Ob/Gyn EMR software is cloud-based, allowing users to access it remotely from anywhere with an internet connection, providing flexibility and convenience for practitioners.

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