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Dermatology EHR

Ready to use. Easy to customize
Designed by Dermatologists

Launched at the American Academy of Dermatology 2012 meeting, the Dermatology system has been designed on our award winning Cloud platform through collaboration with some of the leading Dermatologists in the nation.

Integrated Practice Management enhances productivity and ensures financial stability of practices - connecting thousands of pharmacies, labs, hospitals, radiology, payers, patients and other providers.

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designed by dermatorlogy
Body Charts

Fully body charts and separate charts for the head, neck, eyes, ears, nose, hands, feet and a lateral chart
help specify precise areas of a problem along with the appropriate codes for billing.


Botox, fillers, laser surgery, cosmetic procedures including liposuction, blepharoplasty, and face lifts.


Review, sign, print, fax and email directly from your dermatology EMR.

Point & Click

Customizable components help ensure completeness.

Auto Note

Generate note automatically through customizable templates to save time and effort. Auto Note composes
sentences and paragraphs according to selections and
entries made during the encounter.

Health Maintenance

Automatically receive preventive care notifications, alerts
and compliance reports from CureMD dermatology EHR.

Clinical Overview

Provide longitudinal summary of patient history, trends and alerts on a single screen.

Computerized Physician Order Entry

Electronic orders & results management for prescriptions, labs, procedures and radiology.

Patient Portal

Promote patient wellness programs through preventive care
advisories, care instructions and guidelines.

Optimizing Medical Inventory Management

CureMD’s integrated inventory management helps practices efficiently manage, stock, dispense and sell medications, vaccines, DME and much more. Configurable for both large and small practices, our inventory management solution promotes revenue growth by increasing stock levels of high demand products while reducing costs associated with supply chain management. Multi-location practices can take advantage of benefits available to central inventory and supply chain management. This reduces unnecessary purchases by providing the ability to quickly transfer idle inventory form one location to another that needs it.

The inventory solution is cloud-based, fully integrated and comes loaded with all the advanced features for use on any device across all browsers, even via a tablet or smart phone. System level integration eliminates the need for double-entry of patient demographics and billing information, keeping you perfectly in sync.

  • Point of Sale
  • Multi-location Tracking
  • Lot and Expiration tracking
  • DME rental management
  • FramesData integration for Optometrists
  • Device and Browser Independent
  • Role-based Security
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Inventory Dashboard
  • Prescription Tracking
  • Barcode Scanning and Printing
  • Sales commission tracking
  • Gift cards, promotions & coupons support
  • Reorder Alerts
  • Audit Reports
  • Kit Creation
  • Integrated Cloud Platform
  • Robust Clinical Tools
  • End-to-End Billing
  • Intuitive Charting
  • eLabs - eFax, Online Payments
  • Patient Portal
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Secure Messaging
  • Meaningful Use Stage3 Certified
  • Data-Mining Reports
  • Gold Certified e-Prescribing
  • Auto Note
  • Point & Click Documentation
  • e-Consents
  • Templates
  • Body Charts
  • Health Maintenance
  • Clinical Overview
  • Inventory Management
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Built-in Clearing House
Dermatology Features

CureMD strives to provide the best customer support and continuously improves their products. Since we have been with them, we have not added any staff at all.

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Personalized Dashboards

Manage daily tasks through your personalized dashboards. Customized according to your preferences, these dashboards provide ongoing visibility into every aspect of your practice operations.

  • Review tasks or assign to other users
  • Monitor key performance indicators
  • Easily manage incoming faxes, orders, and results
  • Monitor Meaningful Use progress
medical billing software


Schedule and manage appointments and resources across different providers, locations, and days on a single clutter-free screen. Advanced features like recurring appointments, direct eligibility check, and administrative alerts optimize efficiency and service quality.



Worried about valuable patient health information getting into the wrong hands? Our messaging module allows you to securely send and receive messages to other users, practices, and patients.



Intelligent billing provides innovative functionalities for automatic charge capture, clean claim checks, electronic claim submission, electronic payment posting, denial management, and financial reporting to help reduce errors and maximize revenue.

Denial Management

Denial Management

The system automatically identifies and tracks denials and reasons for the denials, helping you to not only resolve them on time but also avoid them in the future.

A built-in rules engine updates the application to pinpoint these errors in the future to correct the claim before submitting it to payors, reducing future denials.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Integrated credit card processing allows physicians to electronically accept payment from self-pay patients.

You can also easily create a patient payment plan in the system.

Document Management

Document Management

Capture, scan, and attach paper charts, clinical images, photographs, x-rays, audio files, and medical drawings directly into the electronic chart or through an integrated PACS system for complete, accurate, and up-to-date information availability.



Studies indicate practices lose 1/3 of their revenue to patient collections. CureMD Practice Management ensures you are not one of them.

The scheduler clearly indicates whether the copay has or has not been collected for a patient. The check-in screen displays the most up-to-date patient balances, helping practices collect at the time of check-in or check-out.

Send automatic email or text reminders to patients to clear their patient balance



With ICD-10, your front desk staff will have a lot on their plate. From updating patient records to educating patients about expected changes in their insurance plans—your staff will have their hands full. Our eligibility verification tool will cut their workload, and your telephone bill, in half.

No more phone calls to insurance companies to verify patient eligibility, as our solution does that for you within seconds, even before the patient visit.


Integrated with our award-winning EHR and patient portal, CureMD Practice Management connects
front and back end operations seamlessly, removing communication
barriers and streamlining the flow of information to synchronize operations.

Practices that have used CureMD report:

  • Time saving
  • Increased staff performance and satisfaction
  • No reimbursement delays
  • Less claim rejections
  • Efficient collection process
  • Improved service quality
  • Increased patient satisfaction

Why CureMD?

meaningful use stage 3 certified
Meaningful Use stage 3
fast Track implementation
Fast track
cloud technology
enterprise grade
award winning
Award Winning
integrated interoperable
Integrated, Interoperable,
and Customizable
mips macra
hassle free maintenance
Hassle-Free Maintenance
Free Upgrades
HIPAA compliant
top rated customer
Top Rated
uptime guarantee


Connect. Collaborate. Transform.

CureMD simplifies decision making, streamlines operations, and ensures compliance with industry standards and best practices, ultimately saving time and effort to maximize value and returns.

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