Top EHR Software Vendors of 2020

Epic, Allscripts, CureMD, eClinicalWorks, GE Healthcare, Cerner
Practice Fusion, athenahealth, Kareo

Top EHR Vendors List

1. Epic

Rated amongst the top EHR companies, Epic was founded in 1979, having the prestige of being the oldest player in the Health IT industry. The company serves mid to large sized practices, academic facilities, hospitals and children’s organizations. Epic has managed to secure the Best EHR Vendor KLAS Ratings Award for five years in a row. The software comes with costly implementation, better interoperability and is a god match for a very large organization willing to spend tens of millions in total cost of ownership.

Position 2nd

Rating 5/5


2. Allscripts

Allscripts EHR system majorly serves small to medium sized practices in the healthcare industry. Their one-glance summarized layout aids practices in improving their clinical, operational and financial bottom line. The EHR vendor has been ranked as “Best of the Best” in Ambulatory EHR Functionality & Performance by Black Book in 2014. The software streamlines the processes pipeline with modern tools to help monitor patient flow, Labs and other information leading to faster care and effective patient communication. The main Issue with Allscripts is 20 years old design, legacy framework and heavy reliance on hardware and maintenance.

Position 3rd

Rating 2.75/5

Rating 3/5


3. CureMD

CureMD provides an award winning EHR, PM and electronic billing service on a SMART cloud platform. With 109,000 users across 50 states and 33 specialties, CureMD EHR has raised the bar in usability, efficiency and cost reduction. The all-in-One platform integrates Specialty EHR with Practice Management, patient portal and comes ready with an iPad app to deliver all the functionality that a growing practice needs to delivery better patient service. CureMD's quickly gained a large customer base because they were able to delivery enterprise class functionality and support at a fraction of the cost charged by other venders. Ranked may times by KLAS Research as the No.1 EHR, PM and Billing service, CureMD has also won the customer service and innovation award.

Position 19th

Rating 4.1/5

Rating 4.5/5


4. eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks is a privately-held EHR vendor specializing in ambulatory healthcare IT solutions. Their system cost is in the middle of the market for the primary care provider market. ECW does not offer specialty content or modules and can be a good fit for small size practices. They claim to cater to 40 specialties connecting patient’s medical records to insurances, billing and claims information. Their customer base includes 86,000 providers across 50 states.

Position 7th

Position 7th

Rating 3.4/5

Rating 1.5/5

Eclinical works

5. GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is an old EHR vendor based in United Kingdom, and is a subsidiary of the general electric company. Its offering, the Centricity EMR solution is designed for large practices, and integrates practice management with EHR to enhance the workflows of large practices. Their EHR system can be tailored to suit unique workflow preferences, aiding practices to capture, store and transmit information. Also, the solution is ONC certified. GE's software was made in the 90's and haven’t had much system level investments / improvements for a long time. It may be because GE Healthcare is the smallest portion of general electric's overall revenue.

Position 6th

Rating 3.6/5


6. Cerner

Cerner has upheld the #1 rank by Black Books Awards for three years in a row for their inpatient ambulatory care EMR solution. They are one of the pioneers in the Health IT industry with revenues touching $3.3 Billion. Cerner Ambulatory has support for up to 55 specialties by delivering integrated financial and clinical solutions and services to physician practices of various sizes. Cerner is an expensive system with heavy reliance on hardware, user training, configuration and maintenance cost.

Position 1st

Rating 3.2/5


7. Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion offers advertising-supported free web-based EHR and medical practice technology solutions including scheduling, medical billing, MU certification, charting, training and support. It’s typically designed for private practices with 1-10 doctors. Founded in 2005 the platform connects medical professionals, patients, labs, imagining centers and billers, which streamlines services and allows for better quality of care and improved patient outcomes. Practice Fusion is a web-based EHR solution offering scheduling, medical billing services, MU certification, charting, training and support. It is designed to go above the needs of small practices ranging from 1-10 physicians. Founded In 2005, the platform bridges medical professionals, patients, labs, imaging centers and billers. Practice Fusion is a reasonable choice for people looking for a basic system without billing or reasonable practice management functionality.

Position 12th

Rating 3.5/5

Rating 4.5/5


8. athenahealth

Athenahealth is the place to work with If you’re a multi-physician practice or a full-fledged care provider. Their EMR system has been designed with the needs of large-scale practices in mind, and might not provide with great user experience for smaller practices. The solution has been ranked by KLAS as #1 in usability, their cloud-based platform simplifies patient encounters and helps practices comply with industry requirements like Meaningful-Use and ICD-10. Athenahealth is expensive and have had staff turnover and support issues since they were purchased last year.

Position 7th

Rating 3.2/5

Rating 4.5/5

Eclinical works

9. Kareo

Kareo is a one-stop EHR solution, which comes bundled along with Practice Management and RCM solutions. More than 12,000 providers are making use of the company’s solutions, as boasted by the EHR vendor. They’ve been ranked #1 thrice in a row by Black Book ratings and also hold the 2013 North American Physician Practice Management Customer Value Enhancement Award by Frost & Sullivan. Their EMR system is designed with keeping small practices in mind, where providers can easily schedule appointments, access patient data and create provider notes with only a limited number of clicks. The solution offering is user-friendly, intuitive and comes with basic level customization for smaller practices that can’t afford more expensive systems.

Position 25th

Rating 4.2/5

Rating 4.5/5






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