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Best EHR / EMR Systems for Small Practices

An electronic health record (EHR) software system structures and streamlines the way information is collected, ensuring that all health care providers have access to the same care plans. This helps prevent conflicting treatments and redundancies. EHR software also helps improve disease management and prevent disease-related comorbidities.

Here are 5 best EMR systems according to pricing, usability, and technology for small and private practices.

  • Athenahealth – Best Small Practice Ambulatory EMR (11-75 Physicians)
  • Kareo – Best EHR with Telehealth Services
  • CureMD – Best Overall EMR for Small & Large Practices
  • CareCloud – Best Small Practice Ambulatory EMR (2-10 Physicians)
  • AdvancedMD – Best for Solo Physicians Practices
1. athenahealth

The athenahealth EHR for small and medium practices is designed to streamline the relationship between providers and patients. The company offers an innovative suite of tools that have been carefully built with your needs in mind, including easy access for ordering prescriptions or seeing a provider right away if necessary. The user-friendly interface also features over 20 different types of data visibility into how things are going healthwise whether you're on site all day or simply need some quick information while traveling - this includes everything from lab results waiting by courier service when they arrive back home!

2. Kareo

Kareo is a Web-based EHR system and rcm services used by hundreds of physicians across the United States. This software suits small practices that want to manage their accounts from home or an office on site - it's good choice for solo practitioners! Kareo can be set up 30 days from sign up to being completely implemented: all you need are some personal details so we know who you are before downloading any files onto your computer (you'll also get access within minutes). There’s nothing else needed beyond internet access and a laptop device since this fully functional version does not require expensive hardware; everything stays digital which saves money over having physical equipment take up storage and space.

3. CureMD

CureMD provides an award winning EHR, PM and electronic billing service on a SMART cloud platform. With 109,000 users across 50 states and 33 specialties, CureMD EHR and vaccine management software has raised the bar in usability, efficiency and cost reduction. The all-in-One platform integrates Specialty EHR with Practice Management, patient portal and comes ready with an iPad app to deliver all the functionality that a growing practice needs to deliver better patient service. CureMD's quickly gained a large customer base because they were able to delivery enterprise class functionality and support at a fraction of the cost charged by other venders. Ranked may times by KLAS Research as the No.1 EHR, PM and Billing service, CureMD has also won the customer service and innovation award.

4. CareCloud

The Clinicians at CareCloud can take care of every aspect of their patient's medical history with one system. The integrated electronic health recording (EHR) system, specifically designed for large practices, offers a variety of benefits including enhanced efficiency, higher quality patient care, and a paperless workflow that are all enabled by CareCloud's comprehensive tools. This EHR solution is tailored to meet the unique needs of large practices, providing them with advanced features and capabilities to streamline their operations and deliver better outcomes in your community. Additionally, the practice management solution offers easy access to features like customized reminder campaigns, population health data analysis tools, and more, further enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall healthcare management process.

5. AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD is the unified suite of software designed for mental health, physical therapy practices. It features practice management that automates workflows across all aspects including EHR integration with billing capabilities to help eliminate costly mistakes caused by paperwork errors or data entry time wasted on manual tasks like getting labs drawn up correctly each month; electronic prescribing where providers can electronically send orders instead of typing them out every day which saves both patient's information as well as its own staff members hours. The detailed reporting in their medical billing for small pracites feature tracks everything from prescriptions written by you or others on staff to revenue generated through treatments rendered at any facility where care has been provided.

Why CureMD?

Meaningful Use stage 3


Fast track






Award Winning


Integrated, Interoperable,

and Customizable



Hassle-Free Maintenance

Free Upgrades





Top Rated




Less Screen Time. More Face Time

Doctors can provide their best service for patients and still make it home in time to enjoy dinner. That's why we help them in focusing on care quality, while we take care of all other details that administrative tasks so providers don't get overwhelmed or frustrated with paperwork during a busy shift.

  • Designed by Healthcare Providers
  • A Guaranteed Increase in Collections
  • Fast Track Set Up
  • Decrease Cost and Risk
  • MIPS, Meaningful Use and ICD-10 Guarantee

#1 Rating in KLAS BEST EMR for Small Practices

CureMD's specialty-specific EHR for small practices helps physicians in organizing their workflows, improving care coordination, increase quality performance and improve VBC results. Our EHR was designed to help physicians document more efficiently and accurately while making it easier for providers, like yourself, provide high-quality care in a safe environment that's free from errors or unnecessary paperwork.

CureMD Is the leading cloud-based, All-in-One practice management software. Simplify your practice management and focus on care management for your patients.

Specialty Specific EHR

Specialty Specific EHR

Whether you practice Neurology, Podiatry, Internal Medicine, or any other specialty, our customized EHR solution has features to fulfill your practice’s unique needs, so you can feel confident and in control.

Simplified Workflows

Simplified Workflows

Improve efficiency with easy to navigate, fast documenting that doesn’t slow you down. CureMD makes the running of independent practices easier and more productive.

Customizable Solutions

Customizable Solutions

With CureMD, you can streamline your workflow & cut down on administrative tasks & clinical disciplines you can free up time for more valuable practices of medicine where it counts most.

Helping Physicians with Billing, Scheduling and Patient Portal to deliver better outcomes.
Active Users
Active Users
Scheduled Appointments
+ Million
Scheduled Appointments
Claims Processed Annually
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Claims Processed Annually
Features and Services

Providers can do their best work for patients—and still make it home for dinner. That's why we want them to focus on care, while we focus on helping them do everything else more efficiently.

Clinical Efficiency

Enable Clinical Efficiency

Save time on clinical tasks with most secure, integrated and easy-to-use tools that access the complete details during facing the patient. Our EHR surfaces real-time data and information from our platform of 25K+ clinicians so you can make better decisions.

Easier Documentation

Easier Documentation

More than ever, its important for medical professionals to spend less time in documenting and minimize distractions during patient encounters. CureMD ensures that every detail is captured before you start your shift in order to make sure no vital information gets missed.

MACRA/MIPS Certified

MACRA/MIPS Certified

Our EHR helps improve outcomes while also meeting requirements set forth in The Merit Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). By successfully completing Stage 3 criteria for Clinical Quality Measures required of Ambulatory Providers - making us #1!

Scalability & Quality Reporting

Scalability & Quality Reporting

Automate your reporting to meet administrative needs and commercial quality initiatives. Scale the software with dedicated experts who can help you configure it for the best fit, all in an easy-to use interface that scales as needed!

Increase Quality Care

Increase Quality Care

CureMD's quality performance team and flexible technology help you stay ahead of the industry's ever-changing regulatory requirements, so your practice can succeed under any reimbursement requirements. Increase productivity with flexible templates that can be customized for your needs.

Mobile EHR

Mobile EHR

CureMD Mobile EHRs helps providers in delivering patient care anywhere and on any device. The ability of patients to have their medical information at hand no matter what device they use creates an easier communication flow between doctors, patients, and other healthcare professionals.

Full Access from Any Location

You can access your appointments, clinical reviews and patient notes from any location. You also have the option of viewing medical histories on demand with just an internet connection on any device. You can also:

  • See Daily Appointments
  • Online Booking and Video Consultations
  • Integration with Online Payment Services
full access from any location
What our Customers say

Dr. Nelson Menezes

Nelson Menezes Vascular Specialist

CureMD is user-friendly, and it is tailored to my practice so I feel at home using it.

Dr. Albert Matalon

Albert Matalon MD

With CureMD, I am able to practice medicine the way I like. I can see patients, do my billing and chart notes. It all works seamlessly.

Dr. Ruhayna Mukhi

Alliance Family Medical Practice

I've been using CureMD for 5 months now and the transition from paper charts was very easy. I am now able to practice more efficiently through the CureMD application. It's great.

How much does it cost for EHR Small Practice?
The cost to purchase and install an electronic health record can be anywhere from $10,000-$15K. This is a big investment for your practice so it’s important that you do everything in order before making this decision! There are several different ways providers choose between on-site or web-based system with SaaS being one type of option where monthly subscriptions cover all their needs including data storage which means less hardware costs.
How can using an EHR benefit my practice?
The use of EHRs can help physicians in providing higher quality and safer care for patients while also providing enhancements to their practice. Providing faster response times, data is easier accessible than ever before with these systems that are now equipped with mobile capabilities so they're never out-of date or disconnected from any circumstances.
According to hipaa which is considered protected health information in an emr?
The output should be professional and informative, yet not too tedious. Under HIPAA guidelines for protecting health information in America, any identifying features about you or your past/present/future medical status would fall under the category of individually identifiable data that relates to healthcare operations (PHI). This includes diagnoses treatment info., test results etcetera- everything relevantly related!
How does an EHR system improve patient care?
When physicians are able to get access to complete and accurate information, patients can get better treatment. The use of electronic health records has proven effective in improving the ability to diagnose diseases as well as preventing medical errors which improves patient outcomes overall!
Can your EHR integrate with outside products?
The power of the EHR system can be harnessed in many different ways, like integrating with other programs like medical billing in small practices to offer more flexibility and scalability. The integration of an EHR with outside programs allows for more flexibility and scalability in your practice.
Does your product meet all meaningful use requirements?
It's important for any EMR vendor that their ehr must full fill all MU requirements. So selecting for any EHR vendor you need to make sure their product meets all the criteria of Meaningful Use.
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