Improvement Activities Category
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Summary of the Improvement
Activities (IA) Performance Category
  • Minimum of one IA activity out of the 90+ proposed activities to be selected
  • Activities are weighted as "high" (20 points) or "medium" (10 points)
  • A full score in the IA performance category is 40 points
MIPS Composite performance Score

Providers must achieve a total of 40 points from Improvement Activities during a 90-day reporting period. Activities are categorized as medium-weighted [worth 10 points] or high-weighted [worth 20 points].

Providers in groups of 15 or fewer are only required to complete one high-weighted or two medium-weighted activities for full credit [CMS will weigh the improvement activities at double the value for larger practices].

Providers participating in a patient-centered certified medical homes [PCMH] will automatically receive full credit for the Improvement Activities category of MIPS. Providers participating in an Advanced Alternative Payment Model (APM) will automatically receive 50% of the full score.

CMS will assign scores based on providers’ performance or improvement in future years.

IA Data Submission

An organization may choose to submit measure data to CMS as an individual or as a group through any the options below.

Method Individual Submisson Group Submission
Qualified Registry MIPS Quality MIPS Quality
EHR MIPS Quality MIPS Quality
Administrative Claims MIPS Quality MIPS Quality
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IA Performance Category Scoring
Total Activity Points
0 - 40 points Full credit awarded for providing numerator/ denominator information or yes / no answers for each measure and objective
Mips Divide
Total Possible Points
40 points Percentage of patients with a met performance on specified measures aimed at emphasizing patient care and information access
Mips Divide
Performance category
0 - 100% If you take this percentage and multiply it by 15%, you will get the final points earned for the IA portion of the MIPS score in 2024
IA Performance Category Exemptions
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