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CureMD Launches Rapid Testing Platform

New York, NY. 03/01/2022

CureMD Healthcare, a global leader in SMART Cloud Health IT solutions, announced today the launch of its Rapid Testing Platform for COVID-19 testing. CureMD is been assisting governments, public and private healthcare facilities, businesses, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations to mobilize and manage rapid testing at scale through the new Rapid Testing Platform. The solution is designed to introduce efficient, intuitive and automated workflows to manage COVID-19 testing at unprecedented scale.

Leveraging technologies such as robotic process automation, advanced customizations with the Rapid Testing solution provides quick and cost effective implementation as well as the flexibility to personalize workflows for highly efficient and truly scalable deployment. Organizations can quickly deploy the integrated solution which can connect with third-party and inhouse systems to reduce cost, optimize patient experience and enhance capacity.

“COVID testing for millions is the greatest challenge facing the global healthcare community. In order to keep our communities safe, we need to test more often. Holidays, travel and spikes in infections requires mass testing, and that means people in long lines waiting for hours.” said Bilal Hashmat, CEO at CureMD. “Utilizing advanced technology to optimize care delivery and streamline operations is our true passion. Our Rapid Testing Platform not only delivers an amazing user experience but also reduces operating cost by automating over eighty percent workflows.”

About CureMD

The CureMD EHR, PM, Medical Billing and Telemedicine solution is designed to meet the information needs of modern healthcare organizations. The certified web technology and integrated approach to service delivery enables seamless exchange of information across multiple platforms, systems and organizations - driving greater collaboration, productivity and patient safety. CureMD's workflow centric architecture complements the unique needs of healthcare enterprises without disrupting existing workflows, making it the solution of choice for a rapidly growing community. Learn more.

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