Discrete Reportable Transcription

An efficient next morning transcription services that directly populates your clinical notes directly into your EMR.

DRT is an efficient, accurate and cost effective turnkey next-morning transcription service that directly populates your discrete reportable notes into your CureMD EMR. DRT is quality controlled by a three tier system to insure accuracy, quick turn around, and compatibility. DRT is integrated and multifunctional with all the features that the CureMD platform has to offer.

Healthcare providers simply connect to our secure toll-free number and send their clinical dictations which are transcribed into provider pre-approved customized EMR S.O.A.P. templates.

The next morning the provider simply approves the clinical note. No data entry work or cumbersome inputting of historical data. CureBilling is able to utilize the reportable data for accurate processing and claims management.


According to a research by the New England Journal of Medicine, full adaptation of EMR has barely reached 4%. Experts agree that other than cost, the real reason of low EMR adoption is the unavailability of crucial historical data. EMR’s can be very effective with historical data that allows trending, analysis & quality reporting. To be successful, you have to have a fully populated EMR when you want to start charting. That is what DRT will provide.

According to our research, some of the feature benefits of DRT include the following:

  • 87% Reduction in Data Entry Time.
  • 50% Reduction in Transcription Cost.
  • 70% Reduction in Training Time/Cost.
  • 60% Reduction in Deployment Time.
  • 90% Reduction in EMR Failure.

The time saved not having to type notes could earn you an extra 150,000 per year, while helping to deliver more and better care to your patients from day one. It’s one more reason why CureMD is the all-in-one solution.





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