Revolutionary Primary Care EMR Software for Modern Healthcare

Step into the future of modern healthcare with our revolutionary Primary Care EMR software

Explore a new era of primary care with our cutting-edge EMR solutions. Designed to elevate patient care, our software integrates advanced features, ensuring seamless data management and superior clinical outcomes.

SureScripts Certified
SureScripts Certified
SureScripts Certified
SureScripts Certified

CureMD's Primary Care EMR Software empowers healthcare providers with a comprehensive solution tailored for efficient patient management. Streamline workflows, enhance clinical documentation, and optimize practice operations with intuitive features. From appointment scheduling to electronic health records (EHR) management, our software ensures seamless coordination. Advanced analytics and reporting tools offer valuable insights for informed decision-making. Trust CureMD to elevate your primary care practice, delivering quality patient care while maximizing efficiency and compliance. Experience the future of healthcare management with CureMD's cutting-edge EMR software.


Designed by Doctors

CureMD Primary Care EHR software, made by doctors for doctors, is user-friendly and packed with essential features for daily tasks. It ensures easy patient record management, appointment scheduling, and quick access to information. Compliant with industry standards, it simplifies primary care practice, allowing physicians to focus on delivering excellent patient care.

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality
On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality

Connect with Patient with Ease

Patient Portal

CureMD's Patient Portal helps patients connect with doctors easily. It's a simple platform where you can talk to your doctor, request medicine refills, and schedule appointments. It's easy to use and makes getting ready for appointments quicker with online forms, focusing on making healthcare simple and centered around the patient.



CureMD's Primary Care EMR software facilitates seamless exchange of transition of care and clinical summaries with other healthcare providers. It ensures patients have prompt access to view, download, and transmit their health information, promoting timely and efficient communication in the healthcare ecosystem.

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality
On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality

Compliance Assurance for Focused Care

Empowering Care

CureMD's Primary Care EMR software diligently monitors and adapts to regulatory shifts, keeping clinicians worry-free. By staying abreast of industry changes, it ensures continuous compliance, freeing healthcare providers to prioritize patient care and well-being, fostering a secure and efficient healthcare environment.

Care Beyond Boundaries - Innovative Solutions for Primary Care

CureMD's EMR transcends limits, empowering primary care providers with innovative tools for comprehensive patient care.

Patient Encounter Documentation

Efficient tools for capturing and documenting patient encounters in a user-friendly manner.

Appointment Scheduling

Streamlined scheduling functionality to manage appointments and optimize clinic workflow.

Prescription Management

Electronic prescription capabilities, facilitating accurate and convenient medication management.

Patient-Centered Care Plans

Develop and manage personalized care plans for primary care patients, incorporating treatment goals, preventive measures, and ongoing health maintenance.

Health Maintenance Alerts

Implement automated alerts for primary care providers to stay on top of essential health maintenance tasks, such as immunizations, screenings, and follow-up appointments.

Chronic Disease Management

Offer specialized tools for managing chronic conditions prevalent in primary care, supporting healthcare providers in monitoring and treating patients with long-term health issues.

Telemedicine Integration

Support for virtual visits and telehealth services to enhance accessibility for patients.

Lab Integration

Seamless integration with laboratory systems for streamlined test result management.

Workflow Management

Streamline appointment scheduling, medical billing, and laboratory result tracking.

Continuity of Care

Transition pediatric records seamlessly as children move into adult healthcare, preserving a continuous health history for enhanced patient care.

premises medical solution
Innovative Solutions for Primary Care
  • Mobile Accessibility

  • Automated Reminders

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • User Training and Support

  • Referral Management

  • Clinical Decision Support

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CureMD's Primary Care EMR App for Anytime, Anywhere Access

Experience unmatched mobility with CureMD's Primary Care EMR software. Our cutting-edge mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android, ensures seamless access to schedules and patient data anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection. Effortlessly retrieve patient records and make calls, whether you're in the office, at a conference, or at home, significantly improving accessibility.

Our Primary Care EHR mobile app can let you view:

  • Health Maintenance Reminders
  • Order Entry and Management
  • Document Management
  • Decision Support for Preventive Care
  • Integrated Voice Recognition
  • Patient Self-Scheduling
  • Continuity of Care Documents (CCD)
  • Consent Forms Management
  • Patient History Summaries
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Health Maintenance Tracking
  • Family and Social History Tracking
  • Consent Forms Management
  • Secure Messaging

The Pinnacle of Efficiency with Primary Care EMR

Revolutionize your primary care practice with unparalleled patient care and operational efficiency. Our advanced Primary Care EMR, combined with robust medical billing and patient engagement features, enhances staff productivity, cultivates patient loyalty, and optimizes revenue collection for an elevated healthcare experience.

Automate Eligibility Checks

Use our practice management solution to automatically check if patients are eligible for billing. It also handles statements and claims, making things smooth. This might make checking in six minutes faster for each patient.

Ready to Go in a Snap

CureMD Clinical starts really quickly – in just a few minutes, not days. It's on the internet, so you don't need to download anything or set up any machines. Just sign up, make a login, share some basic info, and your EHR is good to use.

Specialty Specific Customization

CureMD EMR optimizes workflows and streamlines tasks for healthcare professionals. Customizable features ensure a personalized experience, meeting unique practice requirements for enhanced efficiency in both administrative and clinical processes.

Stay Independent

With CureMD's Primary Care EHR software, stay in control of your practice. You can work the way you want and provide the care you've always envisioned, putting your patients first. It lets you stay independent and ensures your practice is centered around what's best for your patients.

On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality
On Premises Medical Billing Solution with Enterprise Functionality

Growth Charts

CureMD's Primary Care EHR helps doctors who work with kids keep track of their growth. It shows their height, weight, and more, helping ensure they stay healthy. Doctors can see this info until the child turns 21, and they can share graphs easily with parents by clicking a button. The graphs can be adjusted for different needs like Infant, Child, or Down Syndrome.

What Our Clients Says

Dr. Olga Leonardi

Manhattan Endocrinologist

CureMD enables me to access patient records anywhere, anytime. I recommend CureMD to other physicians because it's well thought out.

Dr. Margaret Safo

Margarest Safo MD

CureMD has saved my medical practice. Without CureMD, I don't know where my practice would be today. I've had a long-term relationship with them and I love it!

Dr. Seth Keller

Heart Rhythm Associates of NY

I love CureMD because it is customizable, allows you to have easy access and someone is always there to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CureMD's Primary Care EHR software user-friendly?
Yes, CureMD's Primary Care EHR is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring easy navigation for healthcare professionals.
Does the software support appointment scheduling?
Absolutely, CureMD's Primary Care EHR includes features for efficient appointment scheduling, streamlining the process for healthcare providers.
Can I access patient records remotely with CureMD's EHR?
Yes, CureMD's Primary Care EHR is equipped with remote accessibility, allowing healthcare providers to access patient records securely from any location with internet connectivity.
How does CureMD's EHR handle billing and claims?
CureMD's Primary Care EHR automates billing, statements, and claims processes, potentially reducing administrative burdens and enhancing efficiency.
Is the software compliant with industry standards and regulations?
Yes, CureMD's Primary Care EHR prioritizes compliance with industry standards, ensuring that healthcare providers can trust in the reliability and security of the platform.
Can I customize features to meet the unique needs of my practice?
Certainly, CureMD's Primary Care EHR provides customizable features, allowing healthcare professionals to tailor the software to the specific requirements of their practice.
How can I request a demonstration of CureMD's Primary Care EHR?
To schedule a demonstration and explore the software's capabilities, you can reach out to our team by contacting +1 866 643 8367. Our EHR Consultants will guide you through the experience and address any inquiries you may have.

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