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CureMD Signs Voluntary National Interoperability Pledge

New York, NY. 5/18/2016

CureMD joins national industry leaders in pledging action to improve the flow of healthcare information between providers, patients and other healthcare stakeholders.

CureMD, the winner of 2015/2016 Best in KLAS Software & Services Awards, became the latest EHR vendor to honor the call from the Department of Health & Human Services to make it easier for patients to obtain their information, never engage in vendor lock-in of data, and implement national interoperability standards.

This EHR interoperability pledge represents an EHR vendor’s commitment to facilitate communication of health information between providers, patients, and other healthcare stakeholders.

"Seamless information sharing is at the core of our mission to save lives through technological advancements," said Bilal Hashmat CEO and founder of CureMD.

"CureMD pioneered SMART Cloud technology in 1997 which led to wide scale adaptability and interoperability by bringing underserved physician practices, technologically, at par with the advanced healthcare systems of the world. We look forward to working with industry leaders to break down data silos and achieve advanced interoperability across the nation," said Hashmat.

CureMD’s pledge is a reaffirmation of its commitment to always place patients’ needs first. By helping consumers easily and securely access electronic health information, and enabling providers to share individuals’ health information, for care, with other providers and patients whenever permitted by law, CureMD wishes to build a seamless system of interconnectivity that allows providers and patients to have the right information for the right patient at the right time, regardless of the technology platform used or the location of care.

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