Making the
EHR Switch

When and why you should change your EHR

Over 30 percent of providers are unhappy with their current system and are looking to replace it. Core reasons for the switch are that practices now have better understanding of what they need and will no longer settle for a poor system.

Your initial EHR investment was probably a lot. It may be difficult to switch and write off the money you invested. Have you considered the real cost if you don’t switch? If you’re unsure that your EHR can fulfill all your needs, keep pace with the current changes in health care, or the possibility of it slowing you down, then you may be at risk for missing out on incentives, incurre penalties, or negatively impact patient care.

Let’s look at the reasons for changing your EHR:

Medical charts should be intuitive, customizable and must provide a variety of templates to support easy documentation and transaction processing. Cumbersome charting software can eat up a lot of time and slow down processes. Notes from nurses and technicians are crucial for complete documentation and subsequent service billing.

Intuitive charting from CureMD adapts to your unique preferences and practice style, enabling you to truly personalize your operations. The system mirrors your existing processes and revitalizes them with powerful automation and collaboration tools.

From capturing history, physical exam, electronic labs and prescriptions, dictation and document imaging (DICOM Compliant) to enterprise scheduling, intelligent billing and data mining reports; all aspects of the system are integrated and customizable to accelerate learning,
adoption and service throughput.

Certified cloud technology and integrated approach to service delivery enable seamless exchange of information across multiple platforms, systems and organizations - driving greater collaboration, productivity and patient safety. 

All-in-one system design with single source database ensures all your information flow seamlessly across medical records, billing, patient portal and reporting. You don’t need to jump between systems to gather the information you need. Gain access to all the information you need with just a single click; regardless of your location or version (web, iPad or iPhone).

Our usability award winning CureMD v 10g comes with intuitive workflows based on advanced level customizations, automation and information organization.

Use your favorite browser, an iPad or your iPhone to access the information you need and seamlessly collaborate with all your team members. Allowing you to carry out faster order processing, reducing the burden of effort and learning.

Using CureMD is as easy as surfing the web, we have assembled over a thousand customizable features to help you provide the best care for your patients.

Usability award – CCHIT

Improve Chart Efficiency

An efficient EHR would prompt the physician about documentation problems at the point of care;
missing or incorrect elements can be corrected while providing you valueable decision support.

Updates and patches
Painful Upgrades

Updates and patches are meant to be seamless and should be processed without disrupting your workflow. Maintenance must be carried out after prior notifictions, while providing self learning tools to ensure convinent knowledge transfer.

Frequent EHR updates can prove to be frustrating, physicians must strive for an EHR solution that offers true value with pre and post update support.

CureMD uses “democracy in design” principle to implement upgrades based on user feedback. Our once a month patches are processed after providing adquate notice, deploying self learning tutorials as well as online training to ensure our system truly help ehance your day to day working.


Significantly improve user experience, workflow and clinical quality with cutting-edge algorithms to effectively capture all your specialty cases.

Over 30 specialty focused solutions with point-and-click selection, customization capability and automation tools to support your unique practice style, preferences and workflow.

Multi –platform Functionality
Platform independent technology

Cloud technology, enterprise-grade functionality, specialty content, exceptional usability, template library, personalized training and award-winning support.

Cumbersome MU/MIPS/MACRA Reporting

With rapidly-changing healthcare regulations like MACRA and MIPS, your pracitce needs to be ready for future mandates. CureMD helps secure
the path by understanding every change, so you don't have to.

Reporting quality measures:

Quality Reporting

This measure is based on the quality of healthcare delivered by the physicians. They have to choose at least six measures of performance.


It is the financial value of the healthcare delivered by physicians, based on cost measures set forth by the MIPS program.

Promoting interoperability

CMS has renamed the Advancing Care Information measure to Promoting Interoperability. It focuses on the sharing of information with other physicians such as lab tests etc.

Improvement activities

How patient care can be improved. How patient engagement can be improved.

Conquer MACRA and MIPS with CureMD’s powerful EHR!
  • Updated with the requirements of the program.
  • Accurate reporting for better clinical outcomes.

Ineffective Support:

Support services of any EHR software matter a lot, they are the backbone of the software. Ineffective support services can cause a lot of delay in the deliverance of quality healthcare.

It is absolutely necessary for the support services to be available at the time of need, since the success of the practice depends on it. CureMD won the Black Book award 2018 for its aggressive support services and performance.

Updates and patches

Physicians must keep in mind, the size of their practice and the expected plans of expansion. So when they plan to expand their operations, it is abolutely necessary for them to have the proper EHR to perform such a task.

Mostly such EHR systems are cloud-based which allow for a seamless transition and offer round-the-clock access to data; from the comfort of your home or any other place.

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