Advancing Care Information (ACI)
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ACI Performance Category Summary
  • Report a minimum of 5 measures
  • Scoring is based on patient engagement and information exchange
  • Flexible scoring introduced for all measures to promote care coordination for better outcomes
MIPS Composite performance Score
Key Terms for Understanding ACI

There are a total of 155 points available in the ACI category. To receive full credit, you must accumulate
100 points in this category.

Base Score [50 possible points]:

To receive the full base score, providers must report on the following measures:


Provide Patient Access to Their Data

Send Summary of Care via HIE

Request/Accept Summary of Care

Failure to meet all of the requirements for the base score will earn a provider an ACI category score of zero, and preclude him or her from achieving any additional points through the performance score.
Performance Score [90 possible points]:

Providers can earn bonus points for achievement on certain measures that they can choose to report. Each measure can earn up to 10 points, depending on which decile the performance falls under.

For example, providers have the option to report on participation in an immunization registry for 10 points toward the performance score.

Bonus points [15 possible points]:

Providers have the opportunity to earn 5 bonus points for reporting to each additional registry —including a clinical data registry, such as IRIS. Providers can also earn up to 15 bonus points by reporting the Improvement Activities using CEHRT.

Key Changes from the Medicare EHR Incentive Program

Under the Medicare EHR Incentive Program, every objective was reported and weighted equally. In Advancing Care Information, objectives are going to be customizable.

Under the Medicare EHR Incentive Program, measurement emphasized process.

Under the Medicare EHR Incentive Program, it was possible to have to report the same measure for PQRS and for Meaningful Use, but in two different ways. The program is now fully aligned to eliminate redundant reporting.

Previously, there was no exemptions from participation for eligible providers. Now, there are three circumstances that could exempt an otherwise eligible clinician:

  • Participation in an Advanced Alternative Payment Model
  • First year with Medicare part B
  • Low Medicare part B volume
Advancing Care Information Objectives and Measures
Protect Patient Health Information

Protect Patient
Health Information

Electronic Prescribing

Electronic Prescribing

Patient Electronic Access

Patient Electronic Access

Coordination of Care Through Patient Engagement

Coordination of Care Through
Patient Engagement

Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange

Public Health and Clinical Data Reporting

Public Health and
Clinical Data Reporting

Advancing Care Information Submission Options & Scoring
  • Submission
  • Scoring

An organization may choose to submit measure data to CMS as an individual or as a group through any the options below.

Method Individual Submisson Group Submission
Qualified Registry MIPS Quality MIPS Quality
QCDR MIPS Quality MIPS Quality
EHR MIPS Quality MIPS Quality
CMS Web Interface MIPS Quality MIPS Quality
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