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Do You?

  • Do you have a transformative research idea that can change the world?

  • Do you need funding and our corporate support to realize your dream of developing and commercializing your ideas?
  • Do you feel stressed with the undue bureaucratic procedures and audit strings attached to research funding?
  • Do you need fresh ideas, decades of industry experience and ton of data to bring ground breaking ideas to life?

If the answers to any of these questions are “Yes”, then we welcome you in our House of Wisdom where we believe in Cayce's saying “Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions”.

Program Features

CureMD wants to recognize, reward and respect outstanding researchers and assist them in conducting state-of-the-art research and subsequent commercialization. This Fellowship program provides unprecedented support in terms of hiring Research Assistant, equipment and accompanying technology while using a part of the funding to attend A* CORE conferences and publish research in Platinum HJRS journals.

If you are doing research in AI & ML, Healthcare technology, Next generation UI/UX, Internet of Medical Things, Blockchain, Information Security, wearable devices, robotics or similar areas and you have a game changer idea, then a life changing opportunity to becoming a CureMD Fellow can be the fuel to exploit your true potential.

CureMD Fellowship Program Features
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We will support each CureMD Fellow with:

  • Annual research funding of up to $8,000 to be used as per the approved budget
  • Flexibility to appropriate funds as per our program policies and procedures
  • No PPRA rules for procurement
  • No hassle of managing audits, as CureMD will take care of it
  • Access to a valuable network of industry practitioners to help in business case development, IP protection, legal, engineering, business development, funding and commercializing
  • Autonomy over the project
  • An opportunity to create IP and bring your research to life
  • CureMD experience and available resources (data, office space, equipment and technology etc.)


A candidate must have the following credentials:

  • PhD in an Electrical/Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or in a related field
  • At least one year of post-doctorate experience
  • A passion to change the world
program policies and procedures

Application Procedure

The selection process consists of two simple stages.

CureMD research

Stage 1

The researcher will need to submit:

  • Complete application form
  • A 500 words abstract of the research project
  • Marks/Grades of Matric/FSc, O/A Levels and Undergraduate CGPA
  • Titles of the 3 most influential conference/journal publications, along with the publication venue, by the researcher

Stage 2

The shortlisted candidates will need to submit:

  • A 3 page research proposal as per the prescribed format and budget
  • Presentation of the research proposal to our Research and Innovation Team

If selected, sign your $8000 research grant agreement. The grant is renewable twice provided the quality criteria for research deliverables are met.

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Deadline to Apply

23:59 EST on March 23, 2021

Please email us to learn more.

Curemd Fellowship program