Autonomous Billing

Self-driven AI Medical Billing

The next generation of Medical Billing. Al Billing can reduce cost by 90% and increase collection by 15%.

Easily connect your cloud EHR to help streamline your billing.

With the help of Al in Medical Billing, insurance is made easier for providers. This saves them money as providers don't have to do all those tedious tasks themselves.

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Five reasons that maybe slowing down your growth

Human Errors

Complex nature of medical billing makes it prone to errors and at times, results in considerable revenue loss.

Growth & Scalability Challenges

Growth leads to increased dependence on hiring and associated cost.

Lower Clean Claim Rate

Errors in data entry along with everchanging billing guidelines cause higher rejections and denials.

Coding Compliance

Inability to keep up with state and payer specific coding requirements leads to higher risk of payment audits.

Revenue Leakage

Attention to tedious tasks and missing timely action on high impact tasks, leads to revenue leakage.

Real Time Audit

Artificial intelligence medical billing can perform audits in real-time which eliminates the problem of discovering an error too late.

Why Choose Autonomous Billing?

Artificial Intelligence Medical Billing reduces overall costs and increases efficiency in all operations of medical practice.

Higher Clean Claim Rate

Millions of rules to increase first pay rate to 95% and above.

Grow Effortlessly

Automate more than 90% of tedious work to grow effortlessly.

Less Day in AR

40% less days in AR.

Compliant with Payers Guidelines

100% coding compliance to avoid pre or post-payment audits.

Seamless Adoption

Fast track Onboarding

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Five reasons that maybe slowing down your growth




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