[Ransomware is a serious problem- and it’s only getting worse. Earlier this year, a hospital in Hollywood paid a ransom of $17,000 to rid its systems of a ransomware infection. Soon after, hackers struck MedStar Health, a network of 10 hospitals in Washington D.C. and Maryland. The list includes a number of hospitals located in California operated by Prime Healthcare. There are countless other victims as well.

CureMD sat down with two security researchers at ESET, a company that makes internet security solutions that keep individuals and businesses protected from cyber threats, hackers and cybercriminals:

Aryeh Goretsky, ESET's Distinguished Researcher, who is a 27 year veteran of fighting viruses and has received multiple awards from Microsoft, Lenovo and Securing our eCity for his contributions to safer computing.

Lysa Myers who began her career fighting Melissa virus outbreak in 1999 at McAfee and is now a security researcher in ESET working with multiple anti-malware research labs to help improve security products.