"Must Know" secrets for easier EHR documentation

Learn what EHR champions are doing right

This is the third Webinar in our Road to ICD-10 series.

Are you spending more time interacting with your computer rather than patients?

Are you working extra time to complete all your documentations?

What if we tell you there is a way to document data without sacrificing patient care or your well-deserved breaks?

Tune in for industry’s best kept secrets.

You will learn:

  • How to document effectively post ICD-10
  • Which in-built EHR features reduce documentation time
  • Best practices from some happy EHR users

Who should watch this webinar?
Thinking of switching your EHR because it complicates documentation too much? Watch this webinar to know if the problem is at your end.

This webinar is recommended for all EHR users.

About the presenter
Picture of Joe Martin

Joe Martin is Key Technical Services Account Manager for CureMD Healthcare and one of the lead trainers for the organization. With over 10 years of experience in Healthcare and Customer Services, Joe is a walking almanac with answers to Frequently Asked Questions ranging from ICD-10 to Meaningful Use. His knowledge and experience make him an invaluable member of the Healthcare IT community.