Handling Payer
Claw Backs

Smart Tips on Improving Practice Performance
Handling Payer
Claw Backs
Smart Tips on Improving Practice Performance

Varying payor rules create confusion and add to the worries of physicians. Claims scrubbing and an efficient billing team does aid in the claims approval process, but when payment audits take place, reimbursements start to disappear; absence of information needed to recover these payments makes it impossible to tackle such problems.

Take action against such issues, be informed about your rights. CureMD with its 20 years of experience provides physicians with a dedicated team of experts, which offer crucial insights for the recovery of your hard-earned cash.

Watch this webinar to learn more about how you can avoid such undesirable situations and work towards greater returns; preemptive planning is the best solution against such uncertainties.

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Webinar Outline:
  • Management of payer claw backs
  • Common reasons for recovery requests
  • How to respond back
  • Incentives and penalties
  • Steps to get the response right
  • Legalities concerning the recovery of funds
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Date and Time:
Calender  28th November, 2018 | Time: 3:00 - 3:30 PM EDT
Who should attend?

Payment audits have been plaguing the performance of practices since ages. Back office staff, billers,
office manager and practice owners should attend to get valuable insights on payer clawbacks.

For more information drop us an email at marketing@curemd.com or call 212 852 0279 x 654.

About the presenter

Robert E.Goff recently retired from the post of CEO of the firm, University Physicians Network. His experience spans a time frame of 45 years, pertaining to the Healthcare industry. He has seen the healthcare infrastructure evolve thought out these years from the perspective of a hospital administrator, regulator, managed care executive, and association executive. He is also the founding director of RIP Medical Debt, a charity that acquires and abolishes consumer medical debt.