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Protecting your income as Patient financial responsibilities increase
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Protecting your income as Patient financial responsibilities increase

Physicians are seeking payments for their services from patients. The economic pressure is negatively affecting patient’s ability to pay and therefore is also increasing practices’ ability to keep its bad debt and receivables under control. 30% of physician practice income is in patient payments and 44% physicians are expected to collect deductibles from patients.

CureMD with its 20 years of experience provides physicians with a dedicated team of experts, which offer crucial insights for the protection of Physician’s income with rising patient responsibilities.

Watch this webinar to learn more about how you can think through your plans to collect from patients.

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Webinar Outline:
  • Patient responsibilities are the new Norm
  • Health Exchange Products put the burden on providers to be collectors of significant patient financial responsibilities
  • Out-of-Pocket Obligations growing at different rates across specialties
  • Knowing the Patient Liability & Collecting that liability are two Different Things
  • Collection Options
  • At Time of Service
  • After Time of Service
  • Eliminate as many reasons patients don’t pay as possible
  • Protections Offered by Using Authorization to Charge a Credit Card
  • Credit Cards Authorizations
  • Think through your plans to collect from patients
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Date and Time:
Calender  19th December, 2018 | Time: 3:00 - 3:30 PM EDT
Who should watch?

Office managers, back office staff, billers, and practice owners should attend to get
valuable insights on eliminating as many reason patients don’t pay as possible.

For more information drop us an email at marketing@curemd.com or call 212 852 0279 x 654.

About the Presenter

Robert E. Goff recently retired following 18 years as the CEO of University Physicians, capping a 45 year career in the healthcare industry. He has seen the great transformation of healthcare delivery into the industry that it is today from the vantage points as a hospital administrator, regulator, managed care executive, and association executive. He is a founding director of RIP Medical Debt, a charity that acquires and abolishes consumer medical debt.