Clinical Analysts Bootcamp: Shaping the Future of Healthcare IT

Duration: 12 weeks hands on blended program On-site July - September, 2022

CureMD is pioneering the integration of clinical expertise and innovative healthcare IT to revolutionize patient care. Our bootcamp is designed for Medical Doctors who are passionate about leveraging their medical knowledge to enhance healthcare IT products. They design, develop, test and deploy electronic medical records, disease prediction and management models, patient engagement tools and accompanying knowledge extraction data sets.

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Join a World-Class Clinical Analysis Course for Doctors

This intensive bootcamp will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to contribute effectively to the design and improvement of healthcare IT solutions. Through a blend of theory, practical exercises, and real-world case studies, you will learn how to apply your clinical expertise to develop next generation tech solutions that transform care delivery, optimize outcomes, reduce cost and comply with best practices and clinical guidelines. Participants will also receive compensation for their involvement, integrating professional growth with financial benefits.

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Course Curriculum

Join CureMD's Clinical Analyst Bootcamp - a dynamic, fast-paced program tailored for doctors ready to revolutionize Healthcare IT. Master cutting-edge analytical techniques and create revolutionary AI products. Apply your clinical expertise to real-world projects, crafting transformative Healthcare IT solutions. Dive into the future of healthcare with us and make a lasting impact!

Clinical Analysis Fundamentals

Research and Analysis

Design and Usability

AI and Next-Gen Technologies

Project Management and Presentation

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Clinical Analysis Fundamentals:

  • Introduction to Healthcare IT: Understand the landscape of healthcare technology, including EHRs, practice management, AI in medicine, and data privacy laws.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Ethics: Understand the regulatory landscape, including HIPAA, HITEC, and how to ensure IT solutions comply with international healthcare standards, laws and ethical considerations.

Research and Analysis:

  • Medical Informatics: Gain insights into the collection, analysis, and management of patient data to support clinical decisions and improve healthcare delivery.
  • Clinical Data Analysis: Master techniques for analyzing clinical data sets to identify trends, outcomes, and opportunities for improving quality, accessibility and affordability of care.

Design and Usability:

  • Innovation and Design Thinking in Healthcare: Apply world class design thinking methodologies to create innovative solutions that solve complex healthcare challenges and make a lasting societal impact.
  • Design and Optimization of Health-Tech: Explore the principles of EHR system design, usability, and interoperability to optimize patient and care giver experience.

AI and Next-Gen Technologies:

  • AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare: Learn how AI and machine learning can be applied to predict clinical outcomes, personalize treatment plans, and automate diagnostic processes.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Healthcare: Understand how NLP technologies are used to extract meaningful information from unstructured health records, improving clinical decision-making and patient engagement.
  • Digital Health and Telemedicine: Dive into the world of digital health to learn about telemedicine, mobile health applications, and virtual care platforms that are expanding access to healthcare services.

Project Management and Presentation:

  • Project Management for Healthcare IT: Learn how to manage projects effectively, from concept through adoption, within the unique context of dealing with leading healthcare organizations across the world.
  • Presentation and Maturity: Collaborate with sales teams and clinical experts to showcase your solutions, focusing on improving user experience and value creation to boost utilization and impact.

Evaluation and Certification

Participants are evaluated through practical projects, presentations, and examinations. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate, acknowledging your expertise as a Clinical Analyst ready to lead advancements in healthcare technology at a global scale. Sucessful candidates are also offered to join the vibrant and dynamic team at CureMD to create ground breaking innovations! The world of healthcare technology is brimming with opportunities, offering unprecedented potential on a global scale.

What You will Learn

Market Mastery

Uncover the evolving needs of healthcare providers and patients, establishing a competitive edge with your clinical insights.

Strategic Visioning

Craft visionary product strategies that align seamlessly with healthcare objectives, leveraging your unique medical expertise.

Design Thinking

Employ user-centric design principles to enhance the usability and effectiveness of healthcare IT solutions, ensuring they meet the high standards of patient care.

Requirements Engineering

Translate your deep understanding of clinical environments into precise specifications for innovative healthcare IT products.


Work with teams from Analysis, Engineering, Design and Deployment, bridging the gap between clinical knowledge and technology to streamline the development of impactful healthcare solutions.

Data-Driven Decisions

Utilize knowledge of latest guidelines and treatment protocols to drive product decisions, focusing on improving patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

Feedback Loops

Integrate continuous clinical feedback, ensuring that healthcare IT products remain relevant and highly effective.

Inspirational Leadership

Cultivate leadership skills that inspire teams and stakeholders, driving forward the mission of transforming healthcare through technology.

A typical day at CureMD

From morning lectures to afternoon talks, every day is action-packed.

  • 09:00 Brain Games
  • 09:45 Lectures
  • 11:15 Practice
  • 13:30 Break
  • 14:30 Challenges
  • 16:30 Q&A 17:00
Brain Games in Web Development
Brain Games09:00 - 09:45

Grab a cup of tea and start every morning with exciting puzzles to boost your logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Web Development Lectures
Lectures09:45 - 11:15

Interactive lectures from the practicing industry professionals will help you learn concepts through practical approach.

Web Practice
Practice11:15 - 13:30

Practice the concepts to learn the practical implementation of the concepts.

Break Time
Break13:30 - 14:30

At CureMD, you can enjoy free lunch in the café. Beside this you’ll have a separate games floor where you can play table tennis, foosball, gym, pool, Play Stations, and much more.

Programming Challenges
Challenges14:30 - 16:30

Explore the boundless possibilities of the Product Ideation Sprint, delve into the intricacies of the User Persona Workshop, and unlock the strategic insights of the Business Case Analysis, all while fostering teamwork and creativity.

Question Answers
Q&A 16:30 - 17:00

Get rid of the confusions by asking questions from the teaching staff.

Why Study With Us?

Improved Patient Care

Enhances the accuracy of patient data and clinical decisions.

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamlines administrative tasks, allowing more focus on patient care.

Data Management Skills

Equips with the ability to handle, analyze, and secure large datasets.

Career Opportunities

Opens up diverse career paths within the rapidly growing healthcare IT field.

Interdisciplinary Skills

Combines technical and healthcare knowledge, increasing employability.

Adaptation to Healthcare Trends

Keeps professionals updated with the latest in telehealth, AI, and personalized healthcare.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensures understanding of laws related to patient privacy and data protection.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Improves patient access to their health information through technology.

Global Impact

Contributes to worldwide health solutions and initiatives.

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Who Should Apply?

  • MBBS Graduate from an HEC Recognized University.
  • Driven by enthusiasm to pioneer revolutionary changes in healthcare technology and always on the lookout for the latest innovations.
  • Always ready to explore new ideas and think outside the box.
  • Committed to personal and professional growth, fueled by relentless enthusiasm passion.
  • Candidates with prior experience and knowledge of US Healthcare System shall be preferred.
  • Last date for application submission is June 30th, 2022

Award Winning Culture

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