Top Medical Billing Companies Review

No Technical Jargon. No complicated ROIs.

Physicians spend enough time learning complicated terminology at medschool. Quite naturally they don’t want to end up doing the same while evaluating technology or service vendors for their practice.

That’s where Health IT Consultant Sean Parker and his analysis is different. No comparison tables, complicated ROI metrics and overload of technical jargon.

This is perhaps one of the most honest and simple evaluations you will find of the top medical billing companies in our industry. Don’t miss it!

Companies evaluated:

  • athenahealth
  • CureMD
  • eClinicalWorks
  • Kareo

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About Sean Parker

Sean has been associated with the Health IT industry, in one capacity or the other, for the past 20 years. He has seen the industry evolve from a monopoly, with a few key players, to a quagmire of 600 + big and small vendors.

In his own words “He likes to keep things simple.” Combining this philosophy and his love for technology; Sean has ventured out to de-code technical jargon and excessive marketing gimmicks by Health IT vendors. If his hobby helps physicians avoid vendors looking out to earn a buck by selling substandard solutions-that’s a plus.