Making the switch to a better EHR – get it right!

Are you stuck with a clunky and difficult to use EHR? Or perhaps the EHR design is not suited for your practice specialty and the vendor is unresponsive to your needs? Whatever the reason maybe, you’re not alone. Nearly half of all providers are dissatisfied with their EHRs and nothing is worse than being stuck with a crucial piece of software in your medical practice that you absolutely hate. 23% of physicians using EHRs are frustrated enough to consider switching vendors.

Replacing your current EHR is no easy undertaking but it’s becoming a common trend. This free guide will help medical practices identify an under-performing EHR and offer tips for replacing it with an EHR solution that best suits your practice. It also provides answers to a number of questions about EHR replacement and demonstrates how the right EHR solution can help practices get more money and more control.

  • The big question – Why the switch?
  • Things to consider when evaluating EHR vendors.
  • Best practices for a successful transition.

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