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Oncology EHR

Ready to use. Easy to customize.

Built on our award winning Cloud platform, CureMD Oncology has been designed with unprecedented attention to detail and input from practicing providers and staff. Cutting edge chemotherapy management is included to synchronize workflow and ordering specificities.

Drive outcomes, productivity and financial growth with integrated Practice Management and Patient Portal. The system provides extended support for multidisciplinary, data-intensive processes prevalent in today’s Medical Oncology Practices.

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Automating Medical Oncology

Advanced features help improve care quality and user throughput

  • Customizable plan of care
  • Evidence based chemotherapy regimen library
  • Decision support
  • Safety alerts
  • Order management
  • NCI’s CTCAE based adverse event documentation
  • Automated drug dosage calculations (/m2, /kg, AUC )
  • Drug utilization forecasting
  • Provider note templates
  • Therapeutic class based drug indexes
  • Integrated charge capture
  • Advanced reporting
  • Flow sheets
  • Gold Certified e-Prescribing
  • Nurse documentation
  • PACS / DICOM Imaging

Evidence Based
Regimen Library

Standardized order templates are organized based on disease categories and treatment types i.e. Adjuvant, neo-adjuvant and palliative. Personalized protocols can also be created to address disease complications and patient specific needs such as adjusting dosages.

CureMD Oncology

Oncology EHR

Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support ensures that dosages are updated as soon as factors such as BSA change. Unlike conventional clinical alerts, the system applies the required action with a single click. It also monitors lab work to ensure that Chemotherapy plans are updated to accommodate for Hepatic or Renal Adversities.

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Chemotherapy Ordering,
Prep. and Admin.

Orders are delivered electronically, while the required drug volume to be extracted from the vials is automatically calculated. The system distinguishes between single and multi-dosage vials to determine wastage appropriately, along with documentation and billing code generation.

Oncology EMR

Oncology EHR Demo

Charge Capture

Integrated Charge Capture collects all information required for billing from Chemotherapy documentation. A customizable encounter form allows nurses to capture all other services performed along with chemotherapy administration, such as a venipuncture and a Saline Flush.

The system maintains a complete NDC Library of Drugs along with all appropriate billing codes published by CMS. Immediate transfer of all this information along with administration duration, wastage and other details help with creation of a complete claim with modifiers.

Therapy Flow sheets

Integrated flow sheets allow clinicians to have a complete view of all therapy characteristics including historical dosage changes, lab trends and adverse events throughout the treatment life cycle.

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Free EHR Demo

Free Oncology EHR Demo

Auto Progress Notes

Customizable templates bring information automatically to create structured notes. Images, radiology reports, default values and prior notes can also be attached. These notes can also be faxed and emailed to referring providers.


Capture, scan or attach paper charts, clinical images, photographs, x-rays and medical drawings directly into the chart or use integrated PACS.

Oncology EHR With Billing Services

Oncology EMR

Patient Portal

Facilitate patients to securely request appointments and refills online, receive test results as they become available, utilize educational material and update their health status, history, demographics and insurance information while subscribing to valuable electronic tools and services.


Enterprise scheduling Intelligent billing Workflow management KPI dashboards Gold Certified e-Rx e-Labs
DICOM Imaging Clinical knowledgebase Clinical alerts Device connectivity Data mining reports e-Fax
Patient Education Credit card processing Text messaging Practice Website Hosting Training
Backup Security Updates Consulting    

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Comply with ASCO and ONS standards for safe practice in chemotherapy ordering, preparation and administration. Ensure that you comply with regulatory obligations such as the Meaningful Use program.

Eliminate guess work out of chemotherapy planning and administration with standardized evidence based regimens. CureMD assists individuals responsible for chemotherapy preparation by determining the exact agent volume to be mixed along with wastage calculation as required.
Advanced decision support constantly monitors all characteristics affecting chemotherapy delivery such as BSA and Lab results. For example when a chemotherapy regimen causes a particular toxicity, the system offers suggested dosage reductions by percentage e.g., 20% based on bilirubin, Creatinine Clearance and SGOT values.
The system accommodates treatment changes and new treatment options. Apart from the evidence based regimen library, the system allows physicians to create and customize their own treatment protocols by specifying how dosages are calculated; automatically rounded off or accurate up to two decimal places. These and other configuration elements help tune the software to conform to your preferences.
The system manages the interdisciplinary processes associated with ordering and administering chemotherapy along with all elements of a conventional office such as scheduling, eligibility, e-prescribing, electronic labs and billing. The system facilitates collaborative care management with shared responsibility among all stakeholders to minimize ambiguity by ensuring that all actions reflect the original intent of the user.
While the system provides feature rich tools to introduce automation, safety concerns are always given precedence. This principle is hardwired into the very foundations of CureMD. While the system provides its recommendations, it always provides room for human intervention at appropriate stages during the workflow.




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