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Empower quality care delivery in today’s challenging oncology environment

Fully Integrated Oncology EMR Solution

Enable clinical efficiency and increase bandwidth

Designed for customers with complex scheduling and treatment needs, CureMD's award-winning Oncology EMR enhances usability, delivering the highest efficiency and documentation speed at the point of care.

  • Customizable plan of care
  • Embedded decision support
  • Trial drug management
  • Safety alerts
  • Provider note templates
  • Integrated charge capture
  • Flow sheets
  • Advanced analytics
  • NCCN powered chemo regimen library
  • Automated dosage calculation
  • NCI's CTCAE adverse event documentation
  • Drug utilization forecasting
  • Drug cabinet & in-office lab integration
  • ONS compliant MAR documentation
  • Gold certified e-prescribing
  • PACS / DICOM imaging

Cutting-edge oncology workflows

Advanced Treatment Planning

Manage entire chemotherapy cycles across clinical and administrative functions for all of your scheduling needs”.

Drug Management

Drug profiles ensure patient safety with customized rules for dose capping, rounding, maximum daily and lifetime dose tracking. Drug profiles auto-select pre-meds and IV solutions for intuitive order management.

NCCN Regimen Library

Our unique FHIR interface with NCCN® brings the most current protocols and updates directly into your workflow”.

Drug Administration

Assisted chemo preparation with drug cabinet interfaces, automated volume and wastage calculations.

Nursing Documentation

Comply with ONS standards by utilizing CureMD's Oncology EHR software to record performance scales, adverse events, and IV site documentation.

Automatic Charge Capture

Give your billing team a head with automatic charge captures documented at the point of care, ensuring clean claim submissions and timely reimbursements”.

Provider Note

Speed up patient visits with pre-defined workflow templates to quickly administer and document the entire patient encounter. Templates ensure care quality with rich oncology content, order sets and flow sheets.

Interactive Flow Sheets

Manage all of your treatment planning needs in a single view. Plan and modify treatment orders and patient-specific activity directly in the EHR for easy handoff”.


“CureMD's Oncology EHR software is able to capture dosing information and NDC numbers from the cabinet and pulls that information directly into the practice management system, which is really important for our billing.” Elham Abbasi, MD North Houston Cancer Clinics

Performance Analytics

Personalized Dashboard

Instantly provide key indicators and actionable insights into clinical, administrative and financial performance drivers.


Billing Insights

CureMD's Oncology EHR software helps identify missed or incorrectly billed drugs, underbilled charges, and unbilled waste, ensuring accurate billing and maximizing revenue capture.

Quality Metrics

Succeed in value-based payment models with quality performance consulting, tracking and reporting.

Drug Management

Explore comparable drug utilizations, administrations and revenue breakdowns across payers, physicians, locations and diagnoses.

Complete revenue cycle management services

With over 20 years of experience, we deeply understand the nuances of navigating the complexities of the oncology ecosystem. CureMD's Oncology EHR helps address these challenges by mitigating costly billing errors and optimizing limited resources, ensuring the smooth operation of your practice.

We can integrate our billing services and Oncology EMR into your existing practice management system! Interested in learning more? Schedule some time with us!

Trusted Partnerships

NCCN and CureMD collaborate for point-of-care access to treatment recommendations and order templates.

CureMD Receives CancerLinQ Certification for Commitment to improved Data Sharing.

The next evolution in value-based care, featuring CureMD.

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Interested in CureMD? Let's talk.

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