Physician Training Program

Part 1: ICD-10 Fundamentals and Navigation

This webinar will help you learn the fundamentals required for a smooth ICD-10 transition and the possible consequences your practice can face if these fundamentals are not met.

Part 2: ICD-10 Conventions and Guidelines

In this webinar, you will learn to think like a coder and apply the rules that claim adjusters will use when they look at your claims with ICD-10 codes.

Part 3: How to find the right ICD-10 code?

Here you will learn how to identify the right code for your diagnosis by applying different strategies that help reduce the probability of coding error and save time.

Part 4: ICD-10 Documentation Improvement Strategies

In this presentation you will figure out how to make sure your documentation for ICD-10 stand up to scrutiny when payers start auditing your records.

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