A critical analysis of top Oncology EHR vendors

By now, most community practice Oncologists should be convinced that they require a specialty-specific EHR for their practice. This is because oncology is amongst the most complex and data-intensive of medical specialties. It requires a full complement of features such as tumor staging, data-intensive workflows, chemotherapy dosing and administration, survivorship care; features that are not available in a generic system.

However, added functionality does not necessarily mean added complexity, something that most EHR vendors do not understand. One of the biggest complaints that Oncologists have against EHR vendors is their lack of focus on making the system easier to use. Moreover, most Oncology vendors are selling highly priced solutions that might meet the budgetary requirements of large cancer centers but not community practice Oncologists.

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The following criteria were used to shortlist and assess EHR companies:

  1. Integrated Solution (EHR with medical billing software)
  2. Budget range
  3. Ease of use and functionality
  4. Compliance with Meaningful Use Stage 1 and Stage 2

Vendors Evaluated:

  • Altos – OncoEMR
  • MedSym
  • CureMD
  • iKnowMed – McKesson
  • Varian Medical Systems – Aria

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Written By Sean Parker – Sean’s background in healthcare stretches over 30 years. He is a well renowned health IT expert and contributes regularly to popular blogs and websites. He covers topics ranging from health reforms to application of IT in healthcare. In 2010 he formed EMR Specialist, a company specializing in assisting providers with the adoption and implementation of electronics health records (EHR) and working with EHR vendors on usability and certification projects. Sean is also an avid Star Wars fan.

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