The Internal Medicine Crunch Time Guide to ICD-10

With only a month left until the official launch date of ICD-10, there are still many providers who find themselves unsure of what the change means and how exactly to prepare for it.

Use this crunch time guide to learn what ICD-10 is exactly, why it’s happening now, and how you can successfully switch diagnostic code sets come October 1st.

Find answers to Basic ICD-10 Conventions:

  • Why is the switch happening?
  • Do all providers have to use ICD-10?
  • Understanding the ICD-10 code structure
  • How to correctly convert ICD-9 codes into ICD-10 codes?
  • How to best prepare for ICD-10 during this crunch time?
To learn more about ICD-10, visit our Road to ICD-10 Resource Centre.

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