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CureMD e-Learning portal offers a range of flexible training & support programs while providing instant access to CureMD support staff. The e-Learning portal contains vast knowledge base of online manuals, application help and self-service video tutorials. It provides exciting collaboration opportunities with our expert practice analysts to help empower users with the knowledge and the tools they need to provide quality care.

For users who learn best independently, CureMD video tutorials provide a simple and effective way to learn at their own convenience. For users requiring expert advice, our new learning platform blends online classroom training, live conferencing, real-world scenarios, and self-directed study into one rich and easy-to-use experience.

Access to e-Learning center is free for CureMD members. Please login to your CureMD application and click on the e-Learning link to explore the portal.

Training Role based training is available for providers, administrators, clinical staff, medical billers and associates. Trainees in each category learn to use an appropriate set of CureMD’s functionalities within the context of real-world scenarios. We organize the training sessions in a specific sequence, beginning with simple skills and progressing to more complex skills and concepts.

Support CureMD support services feature standard and extended support packages with unlimited program personalization options.

Standard phone support:

8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST (M-F)

24/7 Extended Support Available
Please contact your account manager for more information

Online help through e-Learning Center:
24 hours a day, 365 days a year