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CureMD Launches Vaccine Management System to Fast-Track Global Vaccine Delivery

New York, NY. 02/1/2021

CureMD Healthcare, the leader in HealthIT solutions and services, announced today that its vaccine management system is live at government agencies, healthcare organizations and nonprofits across the nation. The rapidly deployable SMART Cloud solution helps mobilize, administer and manage vaccination programs - enhancing vaccination capacity while ensuring patient safety and security.

“We believe that technology must play a critical role to simplify the vaccination process; enable healthcare leaders with data driven decisions to vaccinate billions of people at an unprecedented scale. We are committed to our responsibility of making an efficient, rapidly deployable solution that is smart, user friendly and affordable.” said Bilal Hashmat, CEO at CureMD Healthcare.

Platform Benefits

  • Outreach campaigns
  • Publish vaccination calendars
  • Manage scheduled vaccine recipients using vaccination tracking board
  • Contactless check-in
  • One-click vaccine administration and note creation
  • Inventory management
  • Registry reporting.
  • Automated billing - Charge creation, claim scrubbing and submission
  • Outcomes monitoring
  • Analytics and BI
  • Scalable, secure and Interoperable

Recipient Benefits

  • Online appointment booking
  • Prescreening questionnaires
  • Reminders for initial and second dose
  • Digital pre-visit check-in with QR code

About CureMD

The CureMD Electronic Medical Record, Practice Management, Medical Billing, Telemedicine and Vaccine Management solution is designed to meet the information needs of modern healthcare organizations. The certified web technology and integrated approach to service delivery enables seamless exchange of care management and information exchange across multiple platforms, systems and organizations - driving greater collaboration, productivity and patient safety. CureMD's workflow centric architecture complements the unique needs of healthcare enterprises without disrupting existing workflows, making it the solution of choice for a rapidly growing community. Learn more.





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