How to pass a Meaningful Use audit?

With the government giving out over $23 billion in Meaningful Use incentives, a lot of practices are lined up for the audit. CMS has contracted Figliozzi and Co. to conduct the Medicare Meaningful Use audit program; however, the number of audits conducted so far is still a secret. One in 20 MU attesters will face an audit and physicians across the country must gear themselves up to defend their incentive payments when CMS auditors come knocking at their practice doors.

This free whitepaper lists down seven simple strategies that will help guarantee a smooth, convenient and favorable audit for your practice. This is all you need to know about the audit process distilled down from our own experience of helping countless practices get successfully audited.

The whitepaper contains:

  • A review of the audit process
  • List of necessary documentation requirements
  • Best ways to protect your practice

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