Common EHR Myths Debunked

The emergence, adoption, implementation and usage of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have taken the Healthcare industry by storm. Many physicians have jumped on the EHR bandwagon to fulfill their clinical, administrative and financial needs in a bid to earn more profits, improve care quality and optimize their practice output.

On the contrary, there are still many physicians who are reluctant to move on from their age-old traditions. The hesitation to embrace cloud based EHR technology in part is due to an abundance of myths and misinformation that lead to errors along the adoption and implementation path and drive runaway costs for EHR projects.

With thousands and even millions of dollars at stake for providers, we debunk 5 common myths that may doom your EHR efforts:

  1. EHRs are just another IT trend that will pass
  2. All EHRs are identical
  3. EHRs are the solution to all problems
  4. EHR technology interferes with the doctor-patient relationship
  5. EHRs are very expensive

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