Why using certified EHR technology is important?

To qualify for the Meaningful Use program, an eligible professional must use EHR technology that has been certified per regulations put forth by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). ONC recognizes a number of Authorized Certification Bodies (known as ONC-ACBs) eligible to certify that an EHR system or module offers the necessary technological capability, functionality, and security to help eligible providers meet the meaningful use criteria.

ONC-ACBs include: Drummond Group, InfoGard Laboratories and ICSA Labs. Once an ONC-ACB certifies a product for meaningful use, ONC reviews the certification and posts the product in the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) on the ONC website.

Using an ONC-ACB certified product gives providers and patients confidence that the health IT products and systems they use are storing their data securely, maintaining confidentiality and are able to share information with other systems.

ONC Certified HIT ICSA Labs Certified

CureMD EHR and Meaningful Use Certification

CureMD is certified by ICSA Labs for meeting the 2014 Edition Complete EHR criteria. This certification was granted following rigorous and thorough testing using ONC Approved Test Procedures by ICSA Labs, an Accredited Test Lab (ATL).

We guarantee to meet Meaningful Use EHR certification and maintain it. If we do not, we will credit you up to 12 months of support fees. Using a product with this certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.

Vendor name: CureMD.com, Inc.
Date Certified: February 4, 2014
Product Name and Version: CureMD SMART Cloud version 10g
Certification ID: 140018R00
Criteria certified: Complete EHR - Ambulatory
Modules Tested and Certified:

170.314(a)(1) 170.314(a)(2) 170.314(a)(3) 170.314(a)(4) 170.314(a)(5) 170.314(a)(6) 170.314(a)(7) 170.314(a)(8) 170.314(a)(9) 170.314(a)(10) 170.314(a)(11) 170.314(a)(12) 170.314(a)(13) 170.314(a)(14) 170.314(a)(15) 170.314(b)(1) 170.314(b)(2) 170.314(b)(3) 170.314(b)(4) 170.314(b)(5) 170.314(b)(7) 170.314(c)(1) 170.314(c)(2) 170.314(c)(3) 170.314(d)(1) 170.314(d)(2) 170.314(d)(3) 170.314(d)(4) 170.314(d)(5) 170.314(d)(6) 170.314(d)(7) 170.314(d)(8) 170.314(e)(1) 170.314(e)(2) 170.314(e)(3) 170.314(f)(1) 170.314(f)(2) 170.314(f)(3) 170.314(g)(2) 170.314(g)(3) 170.314(g)(4)

Tested and Certified Clinical Quality Measures:

CMS22v2 CMS68v3 CMS69v2 CMS117v2 CMS127v2 CMS138v2 CMS147v2 CMS155v2 CMS165v2

Additional Software Required:

Surescripts Prescription Network, Surescripts Clinical Interoperability, Medi-Span Drug Database, MedlinePlus Connect, Meinberg NTP

Price Transparency Statement:

With CureMD, providers get everything they need to achieve meaningful use within the CureMD application - at no extra cost. There is no fee associated with ONC certified features including those features required to successfully attest for meaningful use.


There are no contractual limitations related to the certified product that would limit the user’s ability to use any of the capabilities that the technology is certified.