Electronic Health Records

Clinical Automation, Simplified

Transform your practice with CureMD's Cloud-based Electronic Health Record in a way you never imagined before.

With a powerful knowledgebase, CureMD EHR is built for usability, performance and reliability. It delivers the unthinkable - an enterprise grade Specialty-specific solution for a fraction of the cost compared to the competition.

Version 10g also comes with an iPad app which works delightfully well on your iPad. It is intuitive, simple and enjoyable. You have complete access to your appointments, clinical reviews, patient notes, medical histories and document manager - all bundled in one app.

With CureMD, you do not spend thousands of dollars on set up, maintenance and licensing fee anymore. Nor do you pay for workflow-driven customization and round the clock support.

Just use CureMD EHR to instantly connect with patients, payers, labs, hospitals and other stakeholders to deliver better care. CureMD EHR is Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified and comes with ICD-10 guarantee so you can be rest assured to stay ahead of the industry for a long time.

CureMD Cloud Based EHR

Electronic Prescribing

White coat of quality award winner Gold certified e-Prescribing connect prescribers
with over 40,000 pharmacies across the country and empower them with:

  • Up-to-date drug knowledgebase
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Complete medication history form pharmacies
  • Mail order and retail pharmacies
  • Age, weight based dose adjustment
  • Process refill requests by Patient Portal and pharmacies
  • Controlled substance e-prescribing

Advanced safety features ensure utmost quality and reliability by providing access to prescription benefits, prescription history, formulary, eligibility, adverse reactions (drug-drug; drug-allergy, drug-diagnosis) and recommended dosages.


Electronic Labs

Advanced lab interfacing technology lets you connect to all your favorite labs. You can now send orders and receive results electronically to most of the nation’s labs.

Features such as trending and task assignment, comparing current and past results, alerts for abnormal results and advanced reporting will allow you to deliver safer and more reliable care.


Workflow Automation

Integrated workflow adapts to your unique preferences and practice style, enabling you to truly personalize your operations. The system mirrors your existing processes and revitalizes them with powerful automation and collaboration tools.

From KPI dashboards to enterprise scheduling, intelligent billing, data mining reports and EHR, all aspects of the system are integrated and customizable to accelerate learning, adoption and service throughput.

  • Improve Productivity
  • Accelerate Revenue Cycle
  • Decrease Cost and Risk
  • Optimize Collaboration
  • Enhance Service Quality
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Engage Patients


Designed for next generation interoperability, CureMD enables seamless information exchange across all stakeholders. Connect with

  • Health information exchanges
  • Pharmacies
  • Payers
  • Radiology / imaging services
  • Hospital networks
  • Referring providers
  • Patients
  • Syndromic surveillance agencies
  • Immunization registries
  • Specialty registries
  • Electronic devices
  • DICOM compliant imaging equipment
iPad EHR

iPad App

Avalon is an experience which will make you love your practice like never before.
It is usable, intuitive and enjoyable. Through Avalon, you can:

  • See daily appointments
  • View clinical summaries
  • Create patient notes
  • Capture charges
  • Manage documents
  • Verify insurance eligibility

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  • Demographics, insurance, eligibility and charge capture
  • Todays patients and referrals
  • Clinical dashboard and progress notes
  • Trending of lab results, medications and vitals
  • Document Manager

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Specialty Focused

This specialty focused CureMD solution with point-and-click selection, customization tools and much more to support your unique practice style, preferences and workflows.

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