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Ranked 3rd among the top most Popular EHRs surveyed by Capterra, CureMD has raised the bar in usability in the health care industry. With 109,000 satisfied users across 44 states and 34 specialties, this EHR software has proved to be extremely adaptable with the availability of all modules in a single system, offering anytime anywhere information availability. Its integrated workflow adapts to your unique preferences and practice style, enabling you to truly personalize your operations.

Ranked among the top 20 EHRs by Medical economics, their EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Their solution is packed with enterprise grade functionality minus the complexity that has become a characteristic of many similar EHR vendors.

CureMD Top Ranked EHR
CureMD Ranked 3rd by Capterra

Designed by physicians, CureMD provides specialty rich content and decision support for delivering better care at a fraction of the cost charged by other vendors. Its focus on both software and services has ensured quality delivery throughout, enabling CureMD providers to meet all regulatory requirements, ICD-10, PQRS, Meaningful Use, without compromising on patient care.

The system mirrors your existing processes and revitalizes them with powerful automation and collaboration tools. From KPI dashboards to enterprise scheduling, intelligent billing, data mining reports and EHR, all aspects of the system are integrated and customizable to accelerate learning, adoption and service throughout.

With focus on individualized service, CureMD support is head and shoulders above its competitors, as indicated by its KLAS rankings, with one of the lowest issue resolution times in the industry.

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Training Support


Our online implementation portal is designed to ensure a smooth, accurate and comprehensive transition to EHRs, and is the perfect discovery guide for any practice. The implementation period of several other industry giants can take as much as 11 weeks, but CureMD ensures that the process is completed between 4 to 6 weeks, irrespective of the practice size. Professionals at CureMD assure that the smallest of clinics and the largest of practices are simultaneously accommodated within the promised timeframe. The period is long enough to ensure that the practice staff is well acquainted with the new system, and short enough to ensure that potential revenues are not lost via being “offline”.

With CureMD, you aren’t burdened with the anxiety of communicating with a new expert every time you require professional help; we assign a dedicated account manager to each practice. Our creativity is a distinguishing factor and that’s where we have the edge over “any other EHR vendor” (See EHR Vendor Comparison Case Study . We provide specialty driven EHRs, tailor-made to meet the needs of your practice. Our template experts create customized templates for your practice to ensure that your clinical content is documented and accessed swiftly and accurately, and according to your style and preferences. Moreover, we offer the best role-based real time trainings to each staff member to ensure that the practice workflow proceeds optimally. The training schedule is extremely flexible as per the convenience of the practice. Both individual and group sessions are offered, and provided accordingly depending on the client’s preference. Furthermore, we don’t leave you out in the open once the implementation process is complete and we regularly follow up with our clients post-implementation.

CureMD EHR Support



Our experienced support team is extremely efficient, competent and fully equipped to resolve any issues in the lowest possible time. We boast the lowest resolution time in the industry with critical issues being resolved in a matter of few hours.

The TAT (Turnaround time) for support tickets is based on the priority level set by the user upon ticket generation. Critical issues are addressed within three hours.

From a clientele of over 13,000 practices, we receive an average of 50-70 support tickets per day.

Every product upgrade is accompanied by weekly product trainings. Small one-on-one training sessions can also be arranged without any additional cost to ensure a seamless, convenient and prompt transition to the upgraded solution.

A: The configuration of browsers, printers, scanners, HCFAs and user access/permission related issues along with questions related to workflows- take one hour once a support ticket is addressed.

  • Claim rejections and application errors are normally fixed within the week of a support ticket being logged.
  • Any enhancement or new feature request is treated as a change request and takes longer than a week.

17 years of excellence in Health IT


17 years of innovation, research and development has helped CureMD become the leading provider of pure web based all-in-one 2014 ONC HIT Certified electronic health records, enterprise practice management and patient portal system. Prior to the availability of systems like CureMD, physicians were averse to computer based technology citing lack of accessibility, usability, and prohibitive costs as the main barriers to adoption. Realizing this challenge our founder team developed the world’s first pure web based all-in-one, affordable solution in 1997. With 109,000 satisfied users across 44 states and 54 specialties our EHR software has proved to be extremely adaptable with the availability of all modules in a single system, offering anytime anywhere information availability.

Today, CureMD is the only Web-based solution in the industry capable of communicating with virtually any application, system or device. From 3rd party applications, health information networks, and online pharmacies to medical devices, labs, payers, patient portals and payment processing systems, CureMD seamlessly exchanges information without compromising speed and security.

Practice Management


EHRMain Features


Billing Services Featured

Fee Schedule Management:
Our billing team will ensure that you maintain an accurate fee schedule by tracking fee schedule and payer specific contract changes. With CureMD you will always be up-top date.
Eligibility & Claim Processing:
Verify a patient’s insurance eligibility in less than 3 seconds with our free EHR and Practice Management Suit. For the rest, count on CureMD’sbilling specialists to complete the claim processing cycle on your behalf.
Performance Reporting:
Our team will work with you to measure billing productivity, KPIs, and general reporting to ensure you stay on top of your practice.
Remittance and Payment Processing:
You no longer need to spend hours deciphering ERA’s and reconciling payments. Your CureMD billing team will do that and much more.
Claims Follow-up & Appeals:
Our billing experts will work with you to manage your denied claims and appeals. We promise significant reduction in A/R days.
Patient Statement Processing:
From sending email and paper statements to posting patient cash, online, credit card or check payments- CureMD has you covered.
Dedicated Account Manager:
A dedicated account manager will work with you to ensure you don’t face issues – ever!
CureMD Doctor
10g is the latest version

10g is the latest version of our All-in-One EHR, Revenue cycle management company ,Practice Management and billing solution. In addition to being certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2 it offers enhanced usability, care coordination, interoperability and improved patient engagement. The most significant features of the new version include comprehensive additions to one-click prescription, advanced e-Messaging and HIE integration.

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