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  • Surescripts White Coat of Quality Award - EMR
  • Surescripts Solutions Provider
  • CCHIT Certified 2011 - Ambulatory EHR EMR
  • 5 Star Usability Rating - Ambulatory EHR EMR
  • AC Group - EMR Certification
  • MedTech Journal Award
  • ONC-ATCB EHR EMR Certified
  • HIPPA 5010 Certified - EMR
  • BlackBook 2011 & 2012 - EMR
  • Demonstrating advanced functionality for processing lab orders and results
Get Connect, Stay Connected

Patient Portal - Online Doctor-Patient Collaboration

Patient Portal enables real-time collaboration between patients, providers and referring physicians, allowing you and your patients to share healthcare information in a highly secure, HIPAA compliant environment.

From scheduling appointments to requesting refills, viewing lab results and more, the patient portal delivers vital care information directly to your patient's desktop to help you enhance customer satisfaction, eliminate preventable errors as well as open additional care collaboration between you and your patients.

This self-service model eliminates the need for patients to call your office, thus helping you deliver better quality care, build patient loyalty and optimize practice operations by minimizing administrative overheads.

From any internet connection, Patient Portal provides instant access to:

Patient Portal is fully integrated with Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management, Medical Billing and Mobile Care Management, providing you and your patient’s unified access to care delivery information.

Patient Registration
Patients can register online by providing demographics and billing information.

Add, review, update and modify demographics and insurance information.

Clinical Information
Review history, diagnoses, medications, labs, radiology reports, immunization and provider notes.

View disease specific educational handouts, preventive guidelines and drug recall information.

Send/receive messages to/from doctor's office.

Receive appointment, immunization and lab reminders from doctor's office.


For Providers

  • Access vital care delivery information from anywhere, at any time.
    Instantly share information with referring providers over the Internet in a secure and compliant environment.
  • Maximize patient satisfaction and improve the quality of care by streamlining workflows and improving communications.
  • Simplify administrative and operational processes by providing online access to personally relevant healthcare content and services.
  • Analyze patient outcomes and recommend preventive care strategies through online patient surveys.
  • Reduce administrative costs and redundant data entry by enabling your patients to electronically update their demographics, billing, subjective and historical information.
For Patients
  • 24/7 access to personalized care information empowers patients to be more proactive in managing their conditions.
  • Simplify disease management with automated, condition-specific messages, reminders and alerts.
  • Improve patient safety and compliance with treatments through online medication instructions, alerts, warnings and recalls.
  • Instant access to lab results, radiology reports and procedure information helps develop patient understanding and reduces response time.
  • Online patient education programs help patients better understand their conditions and promote a healthy lifestyle.
 All-in-One Solution
Electronic Medical Record - EMR
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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

CureMD Electronic Medical records is a browser based, customizable CCHIT certified solution designed to empower care providers of the internet age. CureMD EMR supports continuity of care management through innovative tools that adapt to your unique workflow and clinical approach.
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Practice Management System - PMS
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Practice Management System

CureMD PMS is a web based enterprise practice management solution designed to meet the broadest possible range of a modern practice's administrative, communication and fiscal management needs.
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Mobile Care Management
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Mobile Care Management

CureMobile extends the functionality of CureMD by providing a complete, fully integrated point-of-care solution.
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Patient Portal
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Patient Portal

Facilitate your patients to securely request appointment and refills online, receive test results as they become available, utilize educational material and update their health status, history, demographics and insurance information while subscribing to valuable electronic services.
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