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CureMD’s Home care System is integrated with an EMR/PM solution, providing unprecedented flexibility and transaction processing that addresses the day to day challenges of the house call niche. In addition to CureMD’s CCHIT certified EMR technology framework, the system is designed to meet the unique needs of organizations providing Home and Hospice Care to disabled and terminally ill patients. Providers can do interdisciplinary care planning and administration for each individual, bereavement management, psychological, spiritual and family counseling, as well as coordination of charitable support and volunteer resources.

CureMD follows a holistic approach for administrating and managing distributed clinical, administrative and financial processes involved in home and hospice care to help organizations improve quality, enhance safety, comply with regulatory and reporting guidelines and ensure enterprise wide collaboration, while optimizing operational efficiency and returns.

CureMD Home and Hospice Care System delivers:

  • Effective Care Management
  • Care plan creation
  • Monitoring
  • Administration
  • Task Management (assignment,  tracking, update)
  • Integrated Decision Support
  • Scheduling (Staff, Equipment)
  • Communication Management
  • Audit Trail
  • Single view Provider Note templates
  • G0 Coding Module
  • Automated Billing
  • Hospice billing support
  • Payroll system
  • Data Mining Reports
  • Integrated DRT (Discrete reportable transcription)

CureMD Home Care System provides on the go physicians with innovative tools, enabling them to instantly capture, record and process encounter information including procedures that are normally done in a medical office. These procedures include Physical examination, diagnosis, e-prescription as well as monitoring and managing long term care treatments. The system also includes “G0 coding” for the nurse practitioners to assist patients with initial and follow–up visit calls.

Discrete Reportable Transcription

Physicians preferring onsite notes preparation can use highly customized note templates presenting single view for recording entire patient information such as complaints, allergies, immunization etc. Moreover, built–in scanning and Document Imaging features -enable instant incorporation of the paper documents for hassle free access. The e–prescription (eRX) module streamlines workflows, maximizes user adoption and minimizes turnaround time in the ordering process.

The system is embedded with a unique billing service supporting both “Hospice billing” and “G0billng”, including a brand new module called “Provider Approval”. The billing service is designed especially for on the go providers automating the entire billing cycle of the practice, providing physicians with an efficient and simplified financial management system. Every patient call is associated with a G0 code to generate and posts claims automatically, which are then processed by the CureMD revenue cycle team to help accelerate the billing process, while reducing costs associated with manual coding and A/R management. The solution also offers an integrated payroll system for a complete account management including salary, toll and mileage calculations.


CureMD streamlines clinical and administrative processes to ensure smooth quality care delivery, high patient satisfaction, improved employee utilization and reduced operational costs.


  • Facilitate field clinicians through the care delivery process.
  • Enable instant creation of care plans by using pre-existing, customizable templates. Goals and interventions can be automatically included in the care plan according to the specified criteria.
  • Supplemental orders can be generated automatically whenever there is a change in medications, equipment, projected visits or treatments.
  • Clinicians are able to customize care plans for specific patients.
  • Information documentation at the point of care is integrated with the system automatically to eliminate the need of duplicate data entry.
  • Online information availability to provide instant access from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Audit trail ensures information integrity , while facilitating administrators to track changes made by the users.
  • Frequently prescribed medications may be grouped by frequent use guidelines, types of patients or protocols.
  • Ensure compliance with legal, ethical and social requirements.

Operational benefits

  • Information is stored in a central data repository to ensure availability and security.
  • Administrators control staffing, scheduling, patient records, interdisciplinary care plans, accounts receivable/payable, productivity reports and a lot more with a single interface
  • Sorting and selection of staff on a wide-variety of qualifications, skill level, credentials, availability, visit location and languages spoken.
  • Organization of  schedules on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for each employee /  team and elimination of  scheduling conflicts.
  • Access to approved care plan, order frequency and insurance authorization enables providers to create order-compliant and reimbursement-covered schedules.
  • The system alerts clinicians when visits exceed orders or insurance authorizations.
  • Supervisors can run a report to see if clinicians are scheduling outside of authorized parameters.
  • CureMD’s integrated reporting module provides comprehensive, real-time access to critical business information.
  • Data is automatically validated as enteredand the HHRG score can be displayed on screen.

G0 Coding Module


Payroll System

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