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Legacy Physiatry Group Selects CureMD

New York, NY. 1/20/2015

p>CureMD, the leading provider of SMART Cloud specialty EHR, has announced that Legacy Physiatry, a 25-physician group spread out over 5 states, has chosen its All-in-One solution to provide quality patient services.</p>

<p>Legacy Physiatry, a physical medicine and rehabilitation group, has adopted a non-surgical approach to pain management and injury-related issues that has produced remarkable success across a wide range of care settings. Their primary focus on restoring functions and improving quality of life has produced a strong patient following.</p>

<p>CureMD’s selection was made because of superior usability, system completeness and Cloud architecture to help optimize operational and clinical practices via an integrated platform to enhance care coordination and cost reduction.</p>

<p>"CureMD is committed to advance the Health IT industry with superior usability and comprehensive Cloud based functionality," said Bilal Hashmat, CEO at CureMD. "Our partnership with Legacy Physiatry is yet another step towards equipping organizations with Cloud technology for faster adoption and better accessibility in addition to providing additional opportunities that reduce technology costs. With integrated population health, analytics and care coordination, we are building an Integrated Community Exchange that nurtures superior patient services and care coordination."</p>

<p>"The dashboard has what we want to know, the workflow let’s everyone know where they stand, nothing is left out, and CureMD’s cost and scalability are in relationship with our needs," said Dr. Vivek Sastry, CEO at Legacy Physiatry Group.</p>